Day One: I hate my life, I want to die…


Dear Diary,

Ugh. Mom and Dad decided to ship me off to horse camp for the entire summer. In fact, they didn’t even wait for it to be summer. It’s still spring. And it is on an island in the middle of nowhere without any of my friends. Could they at least pretend they aren’t trying to get rid of me? And horse people are so snobby. They say it is a great opportunity. That I’ll make tons of new friends. That I need to learn to be away from them for a while. Blah. Blah. Blah. What’s next? Boarding School?

I didn’t realize having a teenage daughter was such an inconvenience.

Anyways, the place was advertised being a mixed gender summer camp. Well, that’s bullshit. Get here and it’s all girls. Is there something magic in the advertisement that only attracts the parents of girls or girls who don’t know any better? So here I am, supposed to spend the entire spring and summer until school starts next fall (and what do you want to bet it will be boarding school) without a single hot guy in sight outside of Mr. Moorland’s son, Justin.

What a drag.

Is it too much to ask if there are any places where I can get the latest in heavy metal music, or any stores that don’t stock pink, pink and more pink. Hopeful, I am not.

This place is different. Back home, in America, when I went to a stable to ride. It wasn’t really a stable. It was more like a big barn that had been converted into a stable. This place is very odd. I mean, okay so it is a stable, but it isn’t a stable. I don’t know, the buildings look like something out of Shakespeare. White plastered and painted walls with big dark brown beams. It’s pretty worn down too. Man, I hope my folks didn’t pay too much for me to come here.

This great opportunity thing. Is also supposed to be a learning opportunity. I was allowed to bring what I was wearing basically and a nice dressy outfit. I hope mom and dad don’t throw out all my clothes and replace them. That would be such a drag. Anyways, they swear up and down that this is supposed to prepare you for the real world. So, anything else I want, I’m going to have to buy. Good thing I have some savings. Not that it mattered, because all I had time for was to sling my duffle of sheets and towels on the bed and make sure Roarzor was safe on the pillow before getting right into horse camp.

Anyways, you’d think the first day would be basic orientation stuff. Getting assigned a horse, which did happen, mine is dark brown with a black mane named SpiderHeart, riding around to prove that you know how to ride and getting all the basic gear right? Well, sure, there was that, but within five minutes of getting here, I was thrown right into the thick of the action.

Mom and Dad sent me to a summer camp that might not even be here next week. Not that it would suck or anything, since I’d have to be sent home. And then I’d have the entire house to myself until someone told mom and dad and they came home to get me. I mean, come on, they’re giving me a weekly allowance and everything. Sure it’s only a hundred per week, but that will keep me in food. I was talking to Justin and the first thing he tells me other than hey, welcome new girl, is that there’s a company trying to buy the camp, tear it down and build condos here.

Okay, someone isn’t thinking. I mean, horses, come on, there’s a bit of a smell.

The company is called G.E.D. I am so going to have to find out what that means.

Way to make your new people feel good about the camp. Not. ‘Hi, nice to meet you. They’re going to tear this place down. Don’t worry, dad and I will stop them! You enjoy yourself.’ I mean, I know he’s probably stressed an all, but seriously? I do not feel comforted, especially when I don’t want to be here.

Anyways, I had to meet May and Jenna and prove I knew how to ride before they’d let me out of the grounds even. Thank goodness for basic riding lessons. That could have been embarrassing. Okay, so I’m not a horse junkie like some girls, but I liked them well enough a few years ago. Just things started to get weird and no one believed me about it. So, it was better to stay away. Jenna seems okay for a career stable girl. May’s pretty happy, neither of them are really my type of people. SpiderHeart seemed happy to get some exercise and to have some company. She felt a little neglected. Poor girl. Probably not enough people to take care of all the horses between camp seasons. I’ll take good care of her. It took a few tries to get a name she would respond well to. She doesn’t like SpiderHeart and I tried calling her Spider. She only snorted at me. So, I guess I’ll end up calling her Heart. Savvy and Heart, that could be a rockin’ band name. Isn’t there a band with two women named Heart? And they are rockin’.

Then, I met Loretta. Oh, ugh, Loretta is the exact reason I hate horse girls. Snobbish, blonde, blue eyes, pink shirt, thinks she’s better than everyone else. Yeah, that type. And she has the gall to warn me away from Justin like he’s her property. Do I even care? I have been here a half an hour tops and I’m enough of a threat to her that she’s warning me away from her boy. Who, happens to be the only boy in sight, I mean, talk about insecure.

He doesn’t even wear eyeliner.

That and she thinks my name is pretty and intelligent? Is she crazy? My name can be considered pretty, but it’s stuffy. Just call me Savvy. It’s easier and it’s awesome. Like, Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp awesome.

So, I run their supposedly super hard bobcat race track. Yeah, they’re posers trying to scare people. Give me a break. I won’t ever be a Bobcat Girl. Sure whatever, Tan and Loretta, I don’t want to be a Bobcat Girl. Tan would probably a whole lot nicer if she wasn’t hung up with that Loretta girl.

Justin finishes up orientation with me. I’d feel special if I didn’t think he did this for every girl here. Boy must like checking out the endless stream of hot babes. Loretta doesn’t have him completely fooled I’m sure. He gave me a jacket. It’s green. I don’t really like green. I hope I can get rid of it later. Nothing against Justin or anything.

Well, I don’t know what I did to impress Justin, but he sent me to talk to his dad. This feels like some sort of test. I know I have a good rapport with horses and all but still. But Thomas wanted to talk to me about something important. Maybe Justin thinks I’m more dependable than Loretta. If that is the case, then I’ll prove him right. And it turns out to be more about the G.E.D. and their plans to raze the stable.

He asked me to turn off their GPS equipment so they couldn’t survey the land and switch off some lights.

Yes. Sabotage. This is so cool. It’s like I’m a secret spy or something.

Screw you Loretta. Mr. Moorland asked me. I bet a little goody two shoes like her wouldn’t dirty her hands doing something like this. She’s too much of a stuck up princess.

It would help if these G.E.D. guys weren’t so stupid. They didn’t even notice me going in and turning off their equipment. And flipping the switch on the power box was a breeze. For a first secret mission, I’d call it a rousing success. Moorland Stables: One. G.E.D and Mr. Kemball: Zero.

Mr. Moorland is in dire straits because he can’t find the deed to the land. The Baroness gave the land to him half a century ago and now the paperwork is missing. He wants me to help him find it. And there is a Baroness? This island just got a little cooler.

I went and talked to the old stable accountant. Question: Who is the new stable accountant? I think Mr. Moorland better get one ASAP. Especially if he turned the office upside down and couldn’t find his land deed. No. I am not volunteering. Let Loretta do it! Anyways, Mrs. Holdsworth didn’t know anything about the deed but she did have some juicy gossip about the Moorlands. It seems, Mr. Moorland is a widower. His wife Catherine died giving birth to Justin. That is so sad. Mr. Moorland drowned his misery by being around the horses and not taking care of the business side of the stable. That explains a lot. And well, the papers were all sent to Catherine’s father, Jasper. And Old Man Jasper blamed Mr. Moorland for Catherine’s death. It so bad, Mrs. Holdsworth called it a feud. And it’s been going on for twenty years.

So, that makes Justin twenty.

Oh my.

I don’t know. That’s a little old for me.

Mrs. Holdsworth is convinced that Jasper has the deed. So, now I have to convince an old man who blames and hates his son in law for his daughter’s death to hand over the deed to the land to keep the stables from being razed to the ground and condominiums built over them. Yes, and tomorrow I will save the universe!

Well, I found Jasper and he immediately wanted me to leave. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so important to Mr. Moorland and all. Poor old man is filled with bitterness and hate. Ugh. Even called Mr. Moorland a snake. Catherine must have been daddy’s little girl. I wonder how she got permission to marry Mr. Moorland in the first place if Jasper hated him that much.

Justin had better have a solution, because I’m out of them.

May, sweet girl, directed me to the shops here at Moorland. And I was right, there is so much pink. But there is some nice aqua stuff and some black jeans when I get some money together. But I didn’t get too long to look before Tan flagged me down.

Loretta is missing…


Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.



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