Day Two: We win! Go us!

Before we could speculate too much about it, Jasper finished the letters and came over to us. He was entirely repentant and gave us a key to his deposit box in Fort Pinta to get the deed. We promised him we’d be extra careful with it, get the deed and give it to Mr. Moorland. At least, Jasper agrees that Mr. Kemball is a scumbag and a disgrace. He even gave us directions to the Fort. Anyways, as we were riding towards Fort Pinta, I couldn’t help but observe that Jasper has to be a softie. I mean, when Catherine died, all the papers were shipped to him. I’m sure he was distraught and angry and completely upset. He hated Mr. Moorland for twenty years after all. But, instead of tossing the Deed out, or burning it, or shredding it to bits and using it for fertilizer, he kept it in a safe deposit box. Catherine must have really loved the stables and maybe deep inside Jasper knew that and kept it safe for her. He certainly didn’t keep it safe for Justin or Mr. Moorland’s sake.

Fort Pinta is very yellow. It looks kind of Spanish? Anyways, it is all plastered over with yellow and there is a huge market place in the middle to shop. There even looked like there was a café with a dance floor. I wanted to shop but Misty kept me on track and tugged me towards the bank. She didn’t even let me ogle the big green copper statue of some old dude. Oh well. We got the deed and went back to Mr. Moorland. Misty insisted that it was important to get the deed to Mr. Moorland as quickly as possible so Mr. Kemball couldn’t destroy the land.

But shopping!

Oh fine. We are so coming back and shopping later.

We returned Jasper his key and he gave us the deed to the stables, returned us the letters and gave us an amulet that belonged to Catherine to give to Justin. It’s about time he made up with the two of them over something they had no control over. I hope Justin comes up and gives the old man a hug. He certainly needs one.

Thomas said ‘Holy Horses.’ Giggle. That is so silly. I might have to abscond with it. But he says he owes us one and he gave us some black pants. I could have kissed him, platonically, on the cheek. BLACK! Justin was pretty pleased to. He gave us a t-shirt, a bright lime green one. Either it is Justin’s favorite color and he’s trying to tell me something or the Moorland Stable’s official color is green. I don’t know.

Anyways, so, yay, we saved the stables. Go us!

New spread pretty quickly among the workers and counselors what we did. Loretta flagged us down and said because we’d saved the stables, we were now Bobcat girls. I had this horrible urge to chant, ‘one of us, one of us,’ but I bit my tongue. I still don’t want to be Bobcat girl. Tan gave us a Bobcat girls jacket. It’s pink. Oh good, GOD, no. I am going to get rid of it as soon as I can because, pink.

So, we went and checked in on Conrad to tell him that his nearest source of income was safe for a while and no bearer of good news goes unpunished. As a ‘reward’ for our saving the stables and I guess that the horse shoes Heart and Evening have are shit, Conrad is going to make us new ones. But, but, we had to go mine the steel ourselves. He gave us a pick and directions to two different mines.

One of the ores he wanted was ghost ore out in Jarl’s tomb. Who mines a tomb? The tomb itself is awesome. But mining itself, not so awesome. Misty was not enthused. I think she would have hid behind Evening, but I swear the horse shoved her forward. She was so jumpy inside too, like she was afraid Jarl’s ghost was going to get us! Maybe I should have pointed out the very locked door deeper into the tomb? Nah. I hope it is like an Egyptian pyramid though. That would be even more awesome.

That pick was heavy and the ore was not easy to find and when we did find it we had to pry it out. And then we were starving in the middle so had to run to Moorland to get food which took more time. And yeah, by the time we were done, I was filthy. I’m not going to be able to wear my street jacket tomorrow. I even took it off at points to do the work and yeah. The ghost ore was at least easier to see than the Jorvik steel, since it was shiny. We were exhausted by the time we got back to Conrad. He was ecstatic over the ore. And he has huge biceps. Wouldn’t it be so much easier for him to get the ore instead of having us do it? He promises that these shoes will make our horses swifter and with the Ghost Ore they’ll have magic and secret powers.

We’ll see.

What does Conrad know that we don’t? Magic and secret powers? He acts like it is real! And why would Misty and I need horseshoes for Evening and Heart with magical powers. If magic exists.

Like I said, we’ll see.

When I said something about it to Misty. She said that Conrad is a blacksmith, with a bit of a sniff no less, and that blacksmiths’ are full of hot air. I told her that drat, I was hoping magic and ghosts were real. She just looked at Evenings mane and didn’t say anything. I am convinced she was making faces. So, I have an overactive imagination, sue me.

Anyways, Misty and I agreed, take care of Heart and Evening, dinner, showers and early to bed. Which is great, because I don’t think I could have kept my eyes open another minute than I had to.

Still a bit bummed about my jacket though. Laundry day can’t come soon enough.

3000 SC, 712 JS

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