Day Three: There’s something not quite right here…

Day Three: Tuesday, April 5th

Roommate. Phone. Music. Blaring.

I like quiet in my morning! Thank you! I threw my pillow at her and she dodged out of the way squealing like a baby piglet and into the bathroom. Did she turn off the phone? No. And the next song was loud. I lasted about a minute, realized she couldn’t hear it or didn’t care, rolled off the bed and onto my feet and grabbed it looking for a mute function when she finally came back out and started looking like a little girl that had to go to the bathroom! Just, quiet, morning, please. Grumble, rumble.

She took the green t-shirt option too. I refuse to be identical twins. If that pink jacket wasn’t worth something, I’d burn it. So green jacket it is today. And finally, some black pants! With all her scrambling about and waking me up before the alarm, I took my time. Let her wait this morning. She finished unpacking her trunk. I think I saw a pink dress to match the pink sheets and oh, just spare me. If she thinks she’s keeping that Bobcat Jacket, I’ll steal it from her and burn it myself. Just ugh.

Misty dragged me to the dining hall, as if I didn’t know how to get there on my own. Then she didn’t take any protein. I got her to eat a bite of eggs, but if her muscles hurt later it is not my fault. I tried!

Misty seems to be having a problem with Evening going after her hair. It’s so red he probably thinks it is a pretty flower or an apple or something! It was a struggle not giggle as Misty stomped her foot and waggled her finger at him. Heart seemed amused as well. But she lifted her nose and acted like the epitome of good horse behavior. I’m going to have to find a way to get her a treat.

I was thinking that maybe today we’d get to join the other campers. Granted, that would put Loretta in a position of authority over us, but you can’t have everything. I guess May didn’t get the message though that hey, we’d saved the Camp, and now we could go back to doing, camp things! Apparently, Daisy the cow is sad and off her feed. And since Misty and I know Mrs. Holdsworth, unlike the other campers, would it hurt us to go ask her if there was something she could do for Daisy the cow? The vet couldn’t find anything wrong. And Mrs. Holdsworth used to keep cattle and tell stories about them, like cows have actual personalities. Being a city girl, I don’t know if this is true. The closest I usually get to a cow is the meat aisle of the grocery store. In fact, Daisy is the closest I have come to a cow ever. And cows are big and well, unpredictable looking! I told Heart, that if she didn’t mind, I think I would stay on her back around the cows.

May’s big eyes did me in and Heart kept shifting back and forth, like she didn’t want to do any of this stuffy camp stuff. I gave in before I realized what I was doing. We went around back to see Mrs. Holdsworth and she had a cow story and a solution. Who names a cow Wendy? Was this a take off of Windy? I confess I snorted at the thought and when Misty looked at me funny, I didn’t dare explain in front of poor old Mrs. Holdsworth. Fart jokes aren’t really kosher. She had us get some dandelions, make a brew out of them and we took it back to Daisy. The cow perked right up. Mrs. Holdsworth wanted us to talk to her. I’m not sure I saw the point but Misty chattered at the cow with a voice full of sympathy. I got up enough courage to pat her head.

Cows, shudder.

Anyways, May was pleased.

Mr. Moorland was getting his papers together to go to Silverglade, I guess, as we were finishing up. And just started shouting at the top of his voice. Well, we were still mounted so we rode over there as fast as we could. A cloaked rider had stolen the documents for the Stables.

Oh no, Misty and I had spent too much time and humored too many old cranky men to get those documents. Okay, it was one cranky old man, but one cranky old man is one cranky old men too many. We spurred our horses and went after the rider and the horse.

And what a weird horse it was, diary! Big and black with a silvery white mane and tail, and that wasn’t the craziest thing. As it galloped, it left fiery hoof prints behind it. The rider wasn’t any better. Couldn’t see their face, but they wore a red cloak and black tunic. Shiver. And after we got the documents, they just faded away. I don’t know what to think. Something strange is going on here in Jorvik. Riders just don’t disappear like that! Nor do horses leave fiery hoof prints. Misty may scoff at the idea of magic and ghosts, but it feels like here on this island, the supernatural might actually be real. And if it is, was that rider a ghost, or a devil?

I had goose pimples all the way back to Mr. Moorland. Misty just looked scared.

Mr. Moorland seemed to be trying to divert the subject when I said the horse was ghost like. Like I was mistaken in what I’d seen. I know what I saw and that horse and rider disappeared into thin air! He’s trying to hide something. He promised to hide the papers better this time.

G.E.D. trying to take over the place. Ghostly horse riders trying to steal papers? What is so important about Moorland Stables? It can’t be the prime property. The condominiums had to be a front for something else. I didn’t know whether or not I should share my suspicions with Misty. She still looked so unnerved from the disappearing rider.

Well, we sort of promised Conrad we’d check in with him. And he wanted us to get some spikes for the horse shoes he was making us, on the beach. You mean, there are old horse shoe nails on the beach where the horses are riding? Isn’t that dangerous! Someone should really clean them up! I wouldn’t want them to get into Heart’s hooves. Just, you know, theoretically speaking. Heart may just be the horse assigned to me, but I don’t want anything to happen to her. I mean, she even snorted and whuffed and gruffed all the way down there like the idea of pointy things that could hurt her feet on a perfectly fine beach offended her.

And it was a perfectly fine beach, diary. Now I know why they said we could bring a swim suit! Oh, I hope we have time to go swimming. Of course, it would have been a nicer beach if some guys in weird dark green clothes with hoods weren’t walking around these big cargo containers. Way to ruin a beach. Pout. We got our spikes, though I wanted to get all of them, not just enough for the horses but that would probably take all day, and went back to Conrad. I don’t care if these spikes were from some ancient tribe in Jorvik who lived at one with nature and had horses with super powers. They shouldn’t have left their spikes littered all over the beach. How careless of them! That’s not being one with nature!

He told us to come back again because he might need our help. He also gave us a jacket. I don’t know what it is with these people and giving us clothes, but I kind of like it! Even if they are in colors I would never wear. I can always pawn them later. I mean, the jacket was bright green with aqua. And the aqua was fine, but the bright green matched the green t-shirt and hurt my eyes and those two colors don’t go together at all.

Yeah. I called it diary. We are going to be running everyone else’s errands all summer. I don’t know if that is better than structured lessons at camp where we don’t get to leave the immediate environs of Moorland or not!

I don’t know how I did it, but I convinced Misty that since we weren’t near anyone to make us start doing camp things, that we should sneak off to Fort Pinta and spend more time checking it out. For the life of me, I don’t know why she agreed. I mean, come on, stores, with thinks that aren’t pink in them!

2550 SC, 1217 JS

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