Day Three: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Well, we were leisurely going our way there, diary, when this girl practically ran out under Heart’s and Evening’s hooves, waving us down. Her lamb, Twinky, must not laugh, was missing. And to make matters worse, her name was Mary. She insisted that Twinky the lamb being gone was terrible indeed and there were wolves and, whatever was she to do! Twinky, being a sheep, likes grass. So Misty and I gathered some grass and found Twinky out in the fields. She came along pretty quietly, not the least bit upset about being away from Mary. I hummed Mary Had a Little Lamb under my breath. Misty loosened up enough to giggle. Heart whickered, just like she was reading my mind, but she nipped my knee gently before we got too close to Mary, as if reminding me I should have manners.

Clearly, Heart and I need to have a talk about her mothering.

Mary went into spasms of joy over seeing Twinky. And the lamb seemed happy to see her too. She went a little overboard with the praise, a statue? Really? For finding a lamb? She gave us some pants. I was happier about the pants than the idea of a statue. They look like leather and are probably vinyl, but at least they are black, but they look tight. I’ll try them, but I don’t know if I’ll keep them.

Anyways, we waved at Mary and headed down the approach to Fort Pinta, which is still yellow.

I headed straight for the shops and started looking. They had black bridles and a saddle that was purple with pink hearts on it. Heart perked up at that and whickered. I whacked her shoulder. Pink hearts. She didn’t seem to care. Colored cowboy hats, ribbons and leg warmers. Eventually, I noticed that Misty was fidgeting. Apparently she doesn’t like browsing. I shooed her away. Let me shop! I mean, there looked to be at least two hair salons and a pet store. There was a little sunglass table. A lot of the stuff while not technically out of budget, I had money to burn here, wasn’t either to my taste, or seemed a bit overpriced.

I went over and checked out the statue. Lieutenant Governor Gareth. I don’t know anything about Jorvik history, so I have no idea of his importance, but hey, he had a big green statue in the town square. What was more interesting me was the disco! They have a dance club and the sign said that they were open on Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t know what type of music it plays, but Misty and I are going to have to check it out, diary. They even have a balcony. I went and looked over, it had a view of the ocean and some of the docks. Off to the left, if I craned my neck, looked like a beach area. But when I looked down, I saw Evening and Misty coming up the back road pretty fast. I figured I better get out of the disco so she could find me.

Misty was almost out of breath even though Evening had been doing all the running! She batted hair out of her eyes and was squirming in her seat. On a floating barge out back, they have ponies. She was so excited, I knew there was no way that she was going to allow me to do anything else, until she dragged me to this barge to meet the ponies.

You know diary, when you’re about ten you want a pony. When you’re ten you actually fit on a pony. I mean, I’m sixteen. I’m a little old for a pony. Misty was babbling about how cute they were and how small they were and I was nodding and saying uh huh. I swear, I have never heard this girl talk so much.

We get on the barge, leaving Heart and Evening on the dock, and I just didn’t feel anything. They were ponies. There was about half a dozen of them. And I went around and looked at all of them and Misty stayed with me until we got to the little white fellow and then she stayed and started babbling at what a good pony he was. They all seemed to be personable, friendly little beast, but I just wasn’t feeling a connection. There was a dark one with a silver mane, at first I thought she was black, but on closer inspection, she was a very dark brown and she seemed sort of indifferent to me. It wasn’t like Misty and the white fellow who was blowing horse kisses into her chest. And I was about to leave and let Misty do whatever Misty was going to do about the white pony, when I spotted one more pony in the back.

So I went a little closer, and I don’t know, he was looking at me and he hung his head down like he was really sad. I don’t know what he was thinking. But, he is really cute. He was black with a white spotted blanket on his rump, like an Appaloosa in miniature. He sighed, real big like and didn’t perk up at all until I put a hand on the white star in the middle of his forehead.

Bright, Star & I
My own horse and pony!

Well, I couldn’t help but ask why he was so down and he sighed again and looked around and there was this huge wave of loneliness. I mean, I couldn’t just leave him there. And Heart could use some company if I’m not going to be around and well, he was awfully cute. There were even spots on his back legs that looked like bones! Mom and Dad can kill me later. I put my hand under his chin and led him off the barge over to Heart to introduce them. He kicked up his heels the entire way. She gave me this look of “are you serious?” I told her that I heard it was very fashionable to have a pony companion. She snorted, her expression unchanged. I could even get him a hat. Heart seemed to think that he needed to know right away that she was lead herd mare and he was just a pony. The ‘just a pony’ didn’t seem to care. He went over and snuggled right up to her belly.

I saw Misty leading a white pony off the barge and held up my cell phone. Jenna was on the way and I was sure the trailer was big enough for both ponies. She seemed pleased I had found a pony friend too. The two ponies greeted each other and seemed to be making friends with each other. And I hadn’t noticed the girl standing next to the barge watching us, until I accidentally met her eyes. She perked right up and seemed pleased that Misty and I liked ponies. Her name was Penny and her and her sister Polly were going to start a pony race course, because I guess, there were a lot of races for big horses like Heart on Jorvik and none specifically made for the ponies. About that time, Jenna arrived with the trailer and while Penny, Misty and I helped her load the ponies into the trailer, I named mine Starspider on the fly, Penny explained her dilemma. She and Polly had ordered a bunch of jumps and such from James. And she swore up and down that the order was in, but James hadn’t sent it to them. Could we do her a super duper favor and go see what had happened to the order?

Jenna informed us that James was in charge of the Fort Pinta stables and that he would probably be a good guy to know. She gave us directions. It didn’t seem like we had much of a choice at that moment. Plus, Penny had helped us put the ponies into the trailer. So, while Jenna rode off with our new acquisitions, Misty and I headed back into the Fort to meet James. But not before Misty stopped at one of the shops and looked at everything. She seemed pleased with what she saw. I checked real quick, oh, nautical stuff. Not my cup of joe, but it fits with the whole fussy English upper crust thing that Misty has going. Ugh. Bet mom and dad would love to see me in something like that. No. Way. Ho. Say. Ever. I think she bought something.

James’ about twelve. And his hat reads soda, and already, I don’t like him. He welcomed us to the Fort, pointed out his stables and instead of letting us get a word in edgewise to ask about Penny’s order. He gives us busy work to do! He had us put up posters in the square for the stables. Yes, defacing public property! I could get used to this! Then when we got back from doing that, silly him, he couldn’t go to the store and pick up his memory card for his camera. It was about two hundred feet away! So, we tromped over and got that. I could tell that even Misty was getting annoyed. And when we came back with the memory card, he shoved his camera off on us to go take pictures of the Fort so he could make postcards and sell them to tourists!

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