Day Three: Spiderheart is mine! Weee!

So, when we finally got back to him with camera. We finally managed to start on Penny’s order concerns and James got a bit huffy and asked if we were going to try his race for real horses. He doesn’t want to give them their order, though he did want to take their money, because he thinks it would be bad for his business. Yes, because a single pony race, with horses that don’t run his track anyways, is going to be a draw away from his business. Diary, I admit, I was a bit manipulative. I promised to run James’ race and then we’d deliver the stuff for the pony race for him. So, we ran his race and come back and he still can’t seem to make up his mind. I told him, quite sternly, that a deal is a deal. In order to actually think about delivering the goods, he has to make a profit off the little ponies somehow. So, he shoved his camera back in our hands and sent us to the barge to get more photographs for more postcards. I think this kid is obsessed with postcards. I bet he has a collection.

Well, with the white pony gone, Misty whispered to me his name is Brightstar, and with Starspider gone, there were only four ponies left. And we made sure to let them fully examine the camera and explain that they were going to be very famous ponies and ask if we could take their pictures. I swear, every single one of them posed. When we got back, James had sent the delivery onto where it was supposed to go, for free. He swore up and down his heart was made of gold. Then he got daydreaming about how many jorvik shillings he could get for a gold heart and maybe he should replace his heart of gold with a pacemaker and this kid seems a bit obsessed with the money, if you know what I mean.

Penny was pretty excited when we told her. She almost jumped up and down and squealed, but she knows about horses enough not to do it around two big ones that could jump and shy on a dock. She gave us directions to where they were setting up the pony race and said she’d meet us there.

Well, Misty insisted on showing me the beach. Oh, diary, I hope we have time to check it out on a slow day or something. Then, I told her, we can’t help Penny and Polly with a pony race if we weren’t on our ponies! Jenna seemed a bit too amused when we called her for a pick up to go back to Moorland. She teased us about wanting to try out our new friends already.

Heart and Evening were less amused. Heart huffed and puffed and looked incredibly haughty that I was abandoning her for Star. But Jenna found us some tack for them in the Stables and we followed Penny’s directions to Pony Point, which was behind the tomb that was also a mine. There wasn’t really even a path to it, we had to find a break in the fence and go down a steep hill. Star, I know, was happy. And Bright certainly seemed happy the way his ears were cocked and he whisked his tail. Misty had put some nautical themed leg wraps on him. So he was flicking his hooves. It was funny. They did their best the whole way out there, but I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. They were so slow in comparison to Heart and Evening. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings since they were so happy to be out and about.

Penny got there first of course. She’d gotten a ride with a fishing boat. She put us right to work taking the jumps out to the track. Well, Star had to prove what a sturdy strong little pony he was and put his chest into it. Penny turned the race over to Polly when we had the jumps out. They must have been scrambling, running around putting everything else up and getting it somewhat clear. Polly told us that we didn’t have to be able to jump to be able to run the race. Which was good because, I don’t know if Star could jump that high. They were small jumps to be sure, but I know I needed a refresher in jumping before I try it. I don’t know about Misty though. We were both trying the track, when we bumped one of the jumps and crash, it fell into a heap. Penny and Polly were devastated. They’d been planning this for so long and put so much hard work into getting the money together and getting over James’ opposition to the race in the first place. Well, whatever Polly was saying, certainly made her suspicious. She was quite sure that James was behind the sabotage of their racing obstacles.

Little guy can’t take any competition huh?

Well, we promised to ride over and ask him about it.

He looked white as a sheet and was holding his stomach. At first, he swore up and down he didn’t know anything about the broken jumps. I think it was me actually observing that he wasn’t man enough to take the heat and that he didn’t want his race to be upstaged by girls. And didn’t girls have cooties? That he finally broke down and confessed that he did know something about it and he had sabotaged the race, but it had been on accident.

I’m not sure I believe the accident part.

And that he would make everything right, if we’d return tomorrow.

By now, it was way past time to get back to Moorland and I can’t remember if we even had lunch or not. Misty had seen a race track near Loretta. She thought it looked like pole bending. I don’t know what pole bending is, but she assured me that it would be perfect to try with the ponies. So, we trotted over to talk to the guy in charge and Misty turned red as a beet, squeaked like a mouse and hid behind me. The guy himself turned kind of red, kicked at the ground and messed with his hat a lot. But he did tell us about pole bending and how it was Western riding rather than English riding and told us how to do the track. I let Misty go first. She seemed to need to get away from this guy and I needed to go find a pole to bang my head against. What was wrong with her? She’d been doing okay in Moorland and everything! Now, she’s red and he’s red and I hid my face in my hands diary. I don’t know what is going on but she’s totally off her rocker.

The race wasn’t too bad. You definitely needed ponies. Poor Heart would have been running into those poles! I dragged Misty away from the pole bending guy, Josh, I think, and his pale blonde hair and his flannel shirt and wanted to shake her. What was the matter with her? She hadn’t reacted like that to old man Jasper or James! I mean, I still had to do most of the talking, but she at least kept her head. She kept shaking her head at me and couldn’t explain or wouldn’t. Finally, I gave up and turned back to Heart and Star. They were at least somewhat comprehensible, despite being horses.

I was putting up both Heart and Star when Mr. Moorland came over to us. Turns out that he’d noticed how good Heart and I were together, and he noticed how great Misty and Evening were together. And the two horses were owned by the same people. Well, they’d moved away from Jorvik to the opposite side of the world and won’t be back for years and years and though they love Heart and Evening, they were willing to sell them to Misty and I for 300 Jorvik Shillings a piece. That is a steal. Star cost me 450 Star Coins! And he’s half of Heart’s size. Of course I said yes. And when Mr. Moorland slipped me Heart’s paperwork, I didn’t notice until he was gone, that he’d slipped me back my 300 Jorvik Shillings. I wanted to shout at him and say something, but he just, was gone!

There’s a slippery old codger hiding under that hat. Misty looked just as perplexed and confused as I was.

He said something about work and determination paying off and I don’t know. Is it bad to me that I think it sounds kind of ominous?

I can’t dwell on that too long. Diary, I own a horse and a pony! I never thought I’d own either of those and it is just so wonderful.

2550 SC, 1217 JS

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