Day Four: I might get to like this place…

As we were tacking up the big horses, Mr. Moorland sought us out again. He’d made copies of the deed. About time. And he wanted us to take them to the local village and give them to the Councilman, Gilbert. Gil-bert. Do we call him Gil or do we call him Bert? I thought about posing this question to Misty and decided to wait until we were away from Mr. Moorland. Anyways, it is about time he filed a copy of the deed at the town hall. However, this wasn’t getting Misty and I becoming any closer to being regular campers! And I don’t know if Mr. Moorland wants us to be regular campers. He told us to spend time at the village and to get familiar with it. As if, we’re going to be spending a lot of time there. As if, we aren’t going to be in Moorland very long at all.

The sun was up. It was bright. This was getting ridiculous. I asked Misty to wait while I went inside and dug my sunglasses out of my duffle. My poor eyes were going to water horridly. And I’ll get wrinkles from squinting if this kept up. I don’t know how Misty stands it. Her eyes are lighter in color than mine! Anyways, she was waiting when I came out and on the way to Silverglade following Mr. Moorland’s directions, I asked her my question. Do we call him Gil or do we call him Bert?

I don’t know if she got that it was just supposed to be between the two of us.

It was an interesting ride. Conrad was working away at the smithy. The G.E.D. Construction site seems to have been shut down. A bunch of boards had been hammered over the big sign for condos. We passed a big castle on the left, and the road cut through some fields. I saw a big silo on the right and we turned to the left and went around a farm, where I could see some black horses for sale. Black horses! I love black horses. I pointed this all out to Misty of course. And ahead of us was the village.

Okay, next thing I am going to get my hands on is a map. This seemed to be a bit out of the way. There had to be a better and shorter way to get to Silverglade.

Anyways, the Councilman Gilbert was standing on a platform in front of a big brick building which I guessed was the town hall. He took the papers, seemed happy to see them and assured us they’d be filed safely. In fact, before we could say much else, he bustled into the town hall to do just that. Efficient.

Which left us to explore the town, which seemed rather quaint. We’d come in through the town square with a lot of shops. So, yay, shops! But the houses I could see were very country rustic in style and the favored color was yellow again. But first things first, before we did anything, I wanted a map. And I remembered as we came in and before we went up the stairs, there had been a post office. Post offices usually have maps.

And it seemed to be just rude to sit on top of Heart while I needed to talk to the guy behind the desk. However, for an island that seems to have a love affair with horses, there aren’t a lot of places to tie them up. So, I left Heart in front of the town hall and told Misty what I was doing.

There didn’t seem to be anyone else around, so I leaned against the counter, looked up and damn it, the post man was hot. Big blue eyes, brown hair that was long enough to cover one of them and been gelled into spikes. Oh be still my beating heart, I just got butterflies in my stomach. I dropped my eyes, pulled off my sunglasses and reached for my phone, somehow managing to stammer out that I was new to the island and GPS is shit around here and was there a way to get a map.

His name is Derek.



He sort of laughed and asked my name and I was totally stupid and said Savannah first before Savvy and I totally should have said my name first thing instead of asking about the map. But, people and bad directions, right? Not only did he have a map, he leaned over the counter and helped me pull up a better version of what I had on GPS.

I tried not to look too much, but his t-shirt is cut a little low and it was tight enough I could tell he works out. And, well, come on, how much will power is a girl supposed to have? This is maybe the third guy that Misty and I have seen that are remotely our age. Hottest, postman, ever. He even gave me the paper map. I wish I had enough courage to kiss his cheek.

He said that he hoped he’d see me around.

And I must have sounded like the stupidest idiot in the world when I said I was there for the summer and that I’d probably be through a lot given the way things were shaping up. And yeah, I felt really hot as I waved and left him standing there. He seemed amused.

Hottest postman ever. Oh God. I can’t let Misty see me all flustered. That would be horrible.

I went and got Heart. She gave me this look of “oh, see something you like, did you?” I told her to keep her mouth shut and I didn’t want to hear a word of sass from her about it. I think she laughed. She did that whickering whuffle sound at least. Misty was talking with a portly fellow next to a wagon. Completely ignoring all the shops again. His name was Felix Rockeville and he wanted flowers to cheer him up.

Flowers. Okay, we can handle flowers. But I had a sinking suspicion he was asking because we were girls and not because he wasn’t willing to leave his shop. It seemed easy enough. I’d seen bunches of flowers near the road and the farm when we were riding in. So, Misty and I gathered a bunch of them and brought them back. He even gave us money. This seemed to garner Felix’s goodwill, because he then sent us on his real errand.

The farm is owned by a man named Steve and he keeps a stable. And Steve is having problems with mice. The horses don’t like mice. And the cat has disappeared. Felix wanted us to deliver the mousetraps to Steve. Seemed simple enough.

Well, before we could leave, Harold, the baker, flagged us down. I guess he’d overheard we were headed out to Steve’s farm and since we were headed in that direction, out past the farm was a Silo where he could get flour. He was making pizza rolls and was out of flour. Can’t make pizza rolls without flour right?

Am I just too nice or something? Oh well, he offered to pay us. I wasn’t about to turn down Jorvik Shillings. I mean, the town had more shops! So, we agreed that we’d head out to the silo and ask about the flour. Think of the money, Savvy. Think of the money. Oh hell, I’m sounding like James, little punk. Okay, but I wasn’t going to sabotage anyone else for pure profit or bilk them out of money. Steve, of course, couldn’t put out his own mouse traps. So we did it for him. The poor guy is just frantic about his house.

He had an interesting observation though. At night, he hear strange sounds and he wonders if G.E.D. is drilling Jorvik from the inside. That’s a little chilling to think about. But drilling would certainly drive the mice out of their lairs. On the other hand, I don’t know much about farms, but aren’t mice simply attracted to warm places with lots of food? And they live in fields and such? It doesn’t have to be nefarious.

Then he had a couple of other errands for us. He needed bait for his mousetraps. Except, it seems our farmer has a soft heart against killing any sort of animal, including mice. And Will up on the hill with the Mill has special cheese.

Yes diary, I just wrote that, the Mill Hill of Will. Oh help me. Groan.

And that since the mice had eaten all of his grain, he had nothing to give the birds. Could we go to the silo and get some grain? Well, since we were headed there anyways. It wasn’t out of our way. Well, we went to the silo first since we had two reasons to go there unlike the Mill.

The owner of the Silo is Barney and he was the second person to mention that the island had a harsh winter. He swore up and down that some dark power must have been behind the weather. I shivered. Ghostly riders. Dark powers, magical metal, my empathy with Heart and hunches that were true. Why couldn’t the weather just stay the weather? I hope Barney is right and he is just getting old.

Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.



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