Day Five: Boys are strange…

Day Five: Thursday, April 7th

Dear Diary,

Misty must have decided that playing music quietly after the alarm went off didn’t bother me so much. I suppose she’s right. As long as it is quiet and melodious I won’t throw anything at her. I got a good snuggle with Roarzor. We’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to be homesick, just thinking about it makes my heart pang a little. I didn’t want to be here to begin with, shouldn’t I want to go home more. But by the time I’d come to that little conclusion, Misty was done with the bathroom and it was use it or lose it and I was not going through the day being stinky in any way. As long as I don’t come out to find her dancing again, I swear, insanity. I have no idea what was going on.

By tacit agreement, meaning we didn’t talk about it, we seemed to decide that pole bending and the pony race would come first. I guess we aren’t supposed to ride our horses after they finished eating for an hour or so. At first Heart wasn’t pleased when I started tacking up Star instead of her. She stuck up her nose at her hay and water and wouldn’t let me touch her. I really don’t know what had gotten into her. This is the most logical and reasonable course of action. It is efficient! This didn’t mean I was going to take Star out all day, however, if she kept it up, I would. I would stay with the pony all day and she wouldn’t get out at all. I think Heart thought I was bluffing. Then I started putting her tack away and out of sight because she wouldn’t need it and suddenly the mare had a change of, well, heart. She grabbed the back of my light blue stable jacket with her teeth and I stopped and was just “Well, are we going to behave?” and she nodded rapidly, walked back into her stall and just buried her nose in her feed. I have no idea what Misty thought of all this. I couldn’t look at her.

I think Misty has an ulterior motive about this pole bending business. I mean, she basically forced me to go first! I think I’m figuring this pole bending out. It’s not really so bad as long as you go slow around the end poles and don’t get going too fast in the middle and careen into the other poles.

Misty and Josh weren’t looking at each other when I came across the finish line and Misty was as red as a beet. Misty took her turn with Bright and I turned to Josh. “Is there something going on here I should know about?” I asked. I felt really maternal over Misty. She’s shy. The back of his ears turned red and he hit the back of his hat to hide his eyes. He stammered out a, “no.” And then I heard him mutter, “not yet.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “There better not be.” I said back and crossed my arms. “Because I don’t like to be left out of the loop.” Josh looked a bit startled. I think he was expecting me to say something else. “You can keep secrets from everyone else, just don’t keep it from me.” I glared at him. “She’s my friend.

I mean, Misty probably wouldn’t tell me because she was Misty if something was going on here. I felt a little guilty, I hadn’t mentioned anything about Derek to her. Then on the other hand, maybe if she told me she liked Josh, I could confess that I liked Derek. I don’t know. Did she like Josh? Did Josh like her? What was with all these red faces? I just wish someone would tell me, instead of going ‘no, there is nothing going on.’ If something wasn’t going on, they wouldn’t be so high and mighty to protest it. I turned away from him and tapped my foot against Star’s side, muttering dark things under my breath. I mean, if Misty and Josh wanted to have a little crush and romance, I’d help! Am I not down with the helping? I mean, I know I don’t seem like the romantic person but being a goth isn’t all about angst and darkness and black. I mean, go read Bryon!

Well, if that was the reaction I got from Josh, I didn’t dare bring it up to Misty. She’d just scuttle back into her shell like she was some sort of crab and be red as a lobster and wouldn’t talk to me for hours. Maybe they didn’t like each other, maybe it was just all my imagination. I am so confused diary. Insane. I mean it, this whole situation is insane. We might be dealing with dark forces and magic and I’m wondering about whether or not my roomie and hopefully my friend has a crush on someone. I mean, is Misty my friend? I’m not sure and I’m not sure how to ask, if I should ask because that’d be incredibly insecure. I don’t have many friends, diary. Especially now with changing class and changing schools. How do I know this is the real thing or not?

I stewed on the whole thing all the way to the pony race and back. I mean, it was a lovely day and all, but I wasn’t seeing any of it. I barely remembered to wave to Mary as we passed the Abbey. Heart must have sensed my mood when we came back. I mean, I hadn’t woken up cranky. Heart planted her feet in front of Loretta and refused to be moved until I agreed to run the Wild Bobcat Track again. Then she took off at a gallop that took my breath away and now that we could jump, she took every jump she could so that all I could do was breathe and hold on. Contrary to popular belief, I was not in charge of that race.

I felt a little better when we were done though. It did make me laugh as she pranced around in a circle and kicked up her heels when we were done. Okay, okay, I wouldn’t be cranky all day.

Barney had promised us that he’d have the grain ready for Steve today. So, we picked that up on the way to his farm and helped feed the birds. All the animals seem to be fleeing to Steve because of all the drilling, the mice, the birds. I hope he has enough to feed them all. He needed more cheese again. So we went up to get that. While we’d gotten to help some of the people yesterday in the Village, we really hadn’t gotten to explore it like Mr. Moorland had suggested. That, and I wanted to talk to Derek again. Thank him for the map. It was going to be really handy. I told Misty I wanted to thank Derek for the map and felt my face getting hot. I didn’t dare look at her as I got off Heart and went over to his desk.

Thankfully, there wasn’t a line.

Derek the Postman
Derek -sigh-

He leaned his elbows on the counter and grinned at me. I swear his blue eyes lit up. “Savvy!” He said. “I sound piratical. Savvy, argh!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You look a bit piratical.” I reached over and fussed with his red hat. “There, better.”

I thanked him for the map and told him about our adventure out past the winery and to the ride hall. He’d heard Reed Kessler was in Jorvik, but she wasn’t the type of people he usually ran across. He changed the subject pretty quickly to how I was enjoying Moorland. I told him I was pretty hopeful about it, but it wasn’t really giving me a chance to work on my art. And he perked up at that, but at that same moment I’d realized that I’d lost Misty completely. That and Heart started to nip at my shoulder again. I didn’t dare swat her for fear she’d bite me. I thanked him for the map again, quickly, and apologized but I had to find Misty. He seemed crestfallen. He hoped we could talk again later. I hoped so too.

Well, I couldn’t remember which way she’d gone around the town hall. So, I chose left past Felix and as I went up the stairs and passed the wall someone shouted my name. I had to do a double take. Hadn’t I just seen Harold the baker in the square? No, this was a kid named Donald and he was a tailor and I swear, he and Harold could be identical twins. Well, almost identical, Donald’s hair is darker and he wears sun glasses instead of regular glasses but both had the same haircut and wore bow ties! I demanded to know how he knew my name. Logically, Harold had told him. About this time, Misty came around the corner and Donald put forth his request. Logically, it’d been a harsh winter. And he, being a tailor, made jackets and such for the villagers and it being a harsh winter, he’d run out of wool. He needed more wool! There was a shepherd nearby that, of course, had sheep. And if Donald went, he swore he’d get a sprained ankle, accidentally butcher the sheep and break his neck on the way back. Could we go get him some wool?

We’d helped Harold. If we’d helped Harold, there was no reason why we couldn’t help Donald. We’d set ourselves up for this whole travesty of running other people’s errands. It had seemed so innocent at first! You say, sure, I’ll help get G.E.D. out of Moorland. And the next thing you know, you were feeding birds, and shearing sheep!

I was a stranger to these people. I’m used to comfy anonymity. Now, people I don’t know, know my name and are asking for me to do things for them without any idea if I am ever going to get anything in return out of it other than clothes. Clothes I don’t like and will be trashing or selling at first opportunity. This is not my idea of summer vacation!

Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.


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