Day Six: At last, someone with sense…

Judy waved us over. The horses had gotten loose. So I worked off my temper rounding them up and urging them back to the stables. I don’t think my language was appropriate, but they didn’t seem to mind. By the time we were done with that, the Baroness was back from her not bath. It turns out we weren’t the only ones asking about Sabine. There was another girl here asking the same things we were and the Baroness though we should touch base with her. She tacked something on about being instant friends.

Excuse me, I am not instant friends with anyone. Period.

Her name was Alex. Alex knew of Sabine, had worked against her before and Alex was looking for Linda. Thank goodness. Someone else was finally concerned enough to do something! I wanted to know if she was going to do something about this, and not just stand around and fret about ‘poor Linda’ and ‘what could have happened to her?’ and nothing else. Because I wouldn’t stand for it. I think I shocked Misty speechless.

First things first, Alex wanted to know what we were doing that involved Sabine. Misty explained about Justin and the letter and now Justin was gone.

Alex pointed out the obvious. Khaan wasn’t like other horses. He was big. He was black. He glowed and left fiery hoof prints. Not really the mount of anyone wanting to do incognito work. And they’d leave a fairly obvious trail. Now, if we could find the hoof prints of Khaan, we could track where Sabine went. They were easy to find and they were headed towards Moorland.

Liar, liar, pants on fire, bitch. I am done with being duped and being used.

We raced with Alex to the South Moorland beach and Alex turned white. Sabine and Justin were on a barge and leaving and something about the containers frightened Alex. They all said D.C. on them. Now the only DC I know of is DC comics. Alex wouldn’t or couldn’t say more about it. She sent us to tell Thomas as she went back to the manor.

Thomas didn’t take it well. A container barge is not a good way to travel and he started moaning about the dark side.

The dark side? The Force isn’t real people!

He got over it quickly and urged us to help Alex. We needed to get Justin back to Moorland. Misty tentatively said that Alex had gone back to the manor and we would meet her there. Thomas looked relieved.

I know I muttered all the way back to the manor. Heart’s ears kept flicking back and I know Misty was looking at me funny. I was trying to put the information together in some sort of logical way. But it felt like we were missing lots of important pieces. Alex was waiting for us. She felt really bad for Thomas. And she had one of the missing pieces of information. The Baroness was Justin’s Grandmother. Meaning, Mr. Moorland was her son. But what about his grandfather? Alex claimed the Baroness was insisting he was dead. But that made no sense, a letter like that from Jasper wouldn’t have caused Justin to run off like that. Jasper and him had just made up. So, who was the Baroness’ husband? I knew she’d said ‘my’ earlier too.

The only logical answer was that someone was lying. Alex agreed. Justin couldn’t be going to visit a grave. We needed to know who the Baroness’ husband was and for that we needed town records. Especially since the Baroness went by Silverglade and her son went by Moorland. What was the real last name?

We went to Silverglade and suddenly I was unsure. In America, the records were open to the public, but here in Jorvik, I didn’t know. We asked Gilbert, the Councilman, and got the answer of yes, but, the Silverglade family records had been the victim of a mysterious fire.

Is it me or is this place just full of fishy coincidences? However, an old mayor had kept copies at his summer house in the Hollow Woods. It was a ruin of course, because we couldn’t expect to just go to a nice house for once, knock and ask for something. We’d have to search it.

We rode up there and tossed the place. Misty found the book in a pile of other books. It said that the Baroness had married Mr. John Sandman in 1964 in Firgrove. “Okay, that is one step up from John Smith.” That name had to be fake. On the way back to the manor, we ran into Sonja. It appeared that a bunch of people just dumped their trash in the woods. We helped her pick it up. She sighed about how much nicer it was to ride about in the woods rather than the grape fields.

Yes, with all the gnats and chirpy birds. I wished her the joy of it and we finally headed back to the manor. Alex didn’t know who John Sandman was either. She left with the book. I think she said she had to go to Valedale or something. Nikki joined us over dinner and we told her a little bit about Sabine. Making a point of saying that Mr. Moorland had said Sabine had bothered the Moorland and Silverglade family before. Her eyes narrowed and she said she’d dig into it over in Jarlaheim and tell us if she found anything.

Misty got her talking about her day and I nodded at all the right places.

Things had better start making sense soon. Or I’m going to start telling people they can pull their own heads out of their asses.

I just hoped Justin was okay, but that aura of darkness I’d seen around him didn’t leave me with much hope. This was his grandfather. I shuddered and tried not to think about ritual sacrifices and blood magic and such. I need to stop reading so many ghoulish books. But before I could get too deep in depression, Misty suddenly remembered she had mail to send and asked if I could do it for her. She made big eyes at me.

At first I was a little pissy about it. Couldn’t Misty mail her own mail? She knew where the box was! But it was a knee jerk thing and I got over it quickly because, well, this could be the excuse I needed to go to Silverglade and talk to Derek. I tried not to snatch the letters. I smiled at her and went back to the stables, tacking up Star again. Heart had worked hard to day and I gave her an extra scratch before taking off on the pony.

My heart was in my mouth the whole way. It was late. Would Derek even still be there?

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