Day Seven: I don’t say sorry well…

Day Seven, Saturday, April 9th

Dear Diary,

I deliberately got up early today and tip toed around being as quiet as I could so Misty could have, what do the British call it? A lie in? Isn’t that what it said in the Harry Potter books? Yesterday, we’d been given a bright purple t-shirt and a frumpy blue grey sweat shirt. Style, these people do not have it. It was much too hot for the sweat shirt and even though the color of the t-shirt made my eyes water, it was better than anything else I had clean. Hopefully soon we’d have some breathing space to do some laundry! A day to poke about and shop would be heaven at this point.

But not today. Today we had several mysteries to get to the bottom of. Linda was still missing. Surely, if she’d left somewhere of her own will, she would have contacted Alex first! And then there was Justin’s grandfather and the Baroness’s supposedly dead husband, Mr. Sandman to find out about. It was probably all connected in some way, but I couldn’t unknot the tangle to see how. I felt a little surge of anger from yesterday. We hadn’t asked to be thrown into this situation and people were taking advantage of our ignorance. If people had just talked to each other, we wouldn’t be at this pass with Justin kidnapped (though since he’d gone of his own free will, kidnapped might be a bit strong) and Linda taken away somewhere.

I finished dressing and sat on the bed doodling in the corners of my diary, horse heads, stars, silhouettes of horses, a few sketches of Misty and of course Derek, Josh in his cowboy hat looking bashful. Roarzor sat on my knee watching (or so I pretended.) I was a decent doodler. I wasn’t much good at anything more formal than that, but before now there had never been enough money for private lessons and all my pleading to be able to go to an art high school had fallen on deaf ears. So, I doodled, and wished I knew how to do more than just doodle. Maybe Dr. Seuss could make a living with doodling, but I hadn’t the knack for rhyme.

Misty’s phone went off and I kept on doodling without complaint. I was already awake enough that music didn’t bother me. I waited until she got up and was rubbing at her eyes before saying anything like good morning and much more importantly. “I’m sorry. I can be a crabby grump and I was just so mad at them and myself for everything that I became more of a crabby grump. You don’t deserve that. I’ll try to be better.” But I knew I couldn’t promise to be better.

After she finished accepting my apology, she dashed off to take a shower. I don’t know what she thought about while she was in there, but when she got out, she was pissy. She slammed drawers and things down on the little dressers we had and brushed her hair with hard vicious strokes. I don’t know what had gotten into her, but I heard her mutter something about Loretta.

Oh dear. Nikki knocked once and I had to scramble to put my diary away and tuck Roarzor where he belonged on the pillow. She knocked again several times before I could scramble and open the door. “Hold your horses!” I said. And then felt a stab of jealousy. She’d changed her hair. Now it was completely purple! That was just not fair.

Nikki raised an eyebrow at me over Misty’s surliness. But I shook my head, if this involved Josh and Loretta, I wasn’t about to explain or get too involved. Well, I wasn’t about to get Nikki involved. She was so loud she’d be more likely to blurt something out at Josh and make things worse. It was bad enough that I’d said something and now he was ignoring Misty. Misty took a muffin and tore it apart like it’d injured her before eating it. Still feeling guilty about yesterday, I didn’t protest her lack of protein and just let her do it. And to keep Nikki from asking about me, I poked her for information about her, life in the circus, her favorite music and color (which of course was purple.)

When we went to take care of the horses and take out the ponies, Heart seemed to sense that I was in a better mood today. She came over and bumped her head into my chest very gently. I hugged her and scratched her ears. She deserved an apology too. I told her how sorry I was for being angry. She whuffled at me. I got a sense that she thought I was right for being angry or justified. She was a little angry too. She stomped her hoof and flicked and ear to get that across, then nibbled at my fingers to prove she wasn’t mad at me. I told her that we would get to the bottom of this. We might not like what we found, but we’d get to the bottom of it. She nodded and then nudged me off towards Star.

I kept Nikki chattering the whole time, trying to think of things she could look up in that city she was visiting in. I distracted her so well that she didn’t notice we were there until we got up next to Josh. And boy, did he looked shocked to see us.

“Morning, Josh,” I told him with a smile.

He knocked his hat back. “I didn’t expect to see you,” He said and glanced at Misty.

I glanced at Misty too. She had her nose in the air and her chin turned slightly away, ignoring him. I felt a surge of amusement. She was doing her Queen of England act. Well, if Misty was intent on punishing Josh by ignoring him. I guess I could put off kicking his hat off a little longer. I looked down my nose at him. “Well, I got persuaded otherwise. Someone put in a good word for you.” He didn’t ask who, because I wasn’t about to tell him that this was the plan all along and being so vague meant it really could have been about anyone. Though if pressed, I’d say Star and Bright and let him wonder if the horses could really talk or not. I asked Nikki if she would go first and whispered if she’d stay with Misty while I ran the track.

Josh swallowed hard, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. He glanced at Misty again and then seemed intent on ignoring her as much as she was ignoring him. I could have laughed at him. After we ran the races and Nikki left to run back to the winery and explore the city to do some investigating for us. I glanced at Misty on the way to the pony races. Josh had looked after us with such longing in his eyes. “You can’t ignore him forever.” I told her. She sniffed. I decided to change the subject. “You want to check out the disco tonight? Maybe there will be other boys.”

She murmured something about dancing and we wrangled it out until we both decided to go and check it out. We didn’t have to dance if it was crowded or the music was bad. Why, yesterday had been so horrible, we’d missed our first chance to check it out.

On the way back from the pony race, Misty wanted to stop by Silverglade and check the mail. I was flummoxed. “You just sent it yesterday.” I told her. There was no way she could have gotten mail after one day! She blushed and looked away and said she just wanted to check. I tried to stem my confusion but Star seemed happy with the idea of going to Silverglade. He probably wanted more sugar, greedy guts. When we got there, she sure didn’t stay long at the window but dashed over to Steve’s Second Hand to look at something. I stared after her in confusion.

“Morning, moonbeam,” Derek said. “Earth to Savvy.”

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