Day Seven: Dancing at the Disco!

It was much cooler under the trees. It smelled better and I didn’t even mind the bugs.

Misty teased me about the whole Big Bonny fiasco. I deserved it. So, I let her. I even laughed with her. That Big Bonny was a card. Mad as a box of frogs indeed! There was a stable girl a little outside of the village. We introduced ourselves and she welcomed us to Valedale and even pointed out the stable. The Head Stable girl’s name was Claire. And was yet again another Jenna look a like. Were these girls related somehow?

Well, we did chores and then asked if there was a race track. Of course there was, it wasn’t right in the village though. We’d have to cross the river and go over the mountain east of the village to Valedale Lake. We did a quick browse of the shops. One shop had so much black and purple stuff I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my head! Misty even found a shop behind a cottage. As we headed towards the race track, we stopped on the bridge to look at the waterfall. It was a magnificent sight! There was a trail behind another house that let us get right close to it too. There were horses for sale, heavy set ones with feathers on their feet, some ponies. Misty squealed over the ponies. They were Chincoteague ponies! She loved that book.

It’d been a long time since I’d read it. I quickly J-pediad it to refresh my memory and these ponies must have come from the auction they held every year. They were cute but none of them called to me like Star did. Not that we got very close, Misty seemed to be restraining herself and the way Evening was snorting made me think that the horse wasn’t happy about the idea of another pony joining the herd.

Heart had been particularly quiet today. I think she is thinking. This may not bode well.

But we finally did find the road over the mountain to the race. Misty chattered at me about the Chincoteague ponies the whole way. I nodded at let her chatter. It was so rare. I had to restrain my giggles when we met Mr. Anderson. I couldn’t help it. Every time I hear that name, I get flashbacks from the Matrix and Neo. Mr. Anderson looked happy to see us, even if he did make a joke that was in bad taste. We both tried the track and it was long. Wow! Our horses impressed Mr. Anderson though.

But by then, I felt done in for the day. Scrambling up silos and racing back and forth between the village and the winery takes it out of you. I wanted dinner and to get ready for that night at the disco! We called Judy for a pick up and went back to the winery. We ate really quickly.

There wasn’t a great deal in my clothes that was going to be suitable to wear. Misty reached for her pink party dress and I had to stop her. That was a date dress. For the disco she was going to want to be able to move. Misty turned pink and went back to fussing among her clothes. I left her to it. If it wasn’t right I’d catch it after I was ready.

I dropped the t-shirt I was wearing, my street pants and my street jacket into the laundry to run real quick as I showered. Normally I didn’t go quite so far out with my make-up and such, but this was a disco and Derek could be there. I wanted to look good. So, I used the mascara that was supposed to make you eyelashes bigger, added some false ones on after I put on extra eyeliner. And you know the rule, if you have dramatic lips, then you can’t have overly dramatic eyes. So, I used a coppery pink eyeshadow instead of trying for a smoky eye. Because, I will not give up my plum lipstick.

I even had time to paint my nails black. If only I could do something fun with my hair, like add purple to it like Nikki does. Jealousy. Diary. I am jealous.

The disco was hopping when we got there. They had lights on the floor and spotlights, and a huge disco ball. It was great! I thought I saw Derek off in a corner with someone in a cowboy hat. But I wasn’t sure. I dragged Misty out onto a corner of the dance floor. Girls were screaming and jiving and the energy was amped to eleven. Just, I got right into it. I don’t know if Misty was just copying me or what, it took her a little bit longer.

I felt a tap on my shoulder after a while. I turned my head. Derek grinned at me and held out his hand. “May I have a dance, or two, or three?”

I flushed and took it. “Sure.”

He looked so smug though, like a cat in cream. I narrowed my eyes and leaned in closer. “What are you up to? Is that Josh over there?”

He started laughing and put his lips next to my ear so he could talk to me. I shivered. “Me? Why would I be up to anything, Cherie?”

I poked him.

He laughed again. “I’m playing with him. He’s being Josh.

“What did you do?” I poked him again.

“I didn’t do anything.” Denials, denials. He’d done something.

Fine, if he hadn’t done anything, he must have said something. “What did you say then?”

He laughed again. “I said I had a crush on a certain someone too. I never mentioned names or specifics. Then I told him, I better go ask her to dance before some other bloke did and came to dance with you. He was green with jealousy and stewing in it when I left.”

I paled. “Derek!” Then it hit me. He’d come to ask me to dance. “That was mean.” I flushed. Did he really have a crush on me or was he just saying that to get Josh going.

“And funny.

I rolled my eyes. I made a note to remember that Derek could be an annoying ass. Boys. This might have made things worse. We’d see tomorrow. Derek grinned and spun me about. I gave up. It was done and it was rather funny. He asked me about the clock and I told him in excruciatingly funny detail about Big Bonny and her so called ‘catastrophe.’ He choked up in laughter again and I felt myself relax to have a good time.

I even let him buy me a drink.

He let me go after a few dances. I was there to spend time with Misty after all. But it’d been great to see him. It was really late when we got back. I had to really clean my face well and take the eyelashes off before bed.

Tomorrow, we’d be closer to solving the mystery about what happened to Linda. I was sure of it.

2525 SC, 4440 JS

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