Day Eight: Boys can be so rude…

Day Eight, Sunday, April 10th

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up to my roommate doing weird stretchy things on the floor and singing to her music. I think she thought I was looking at her funny because of her music. I was looking at her funny because she was doing weird stretchy things on the floor. I just also wasn’t in a mood to argue about it. Seriously, I was still floating off the high of last night and dancing with Derek. I took my shower and day dreamed a little. Let my roommate do weird stretchy things on the floor if she wants.

It was fortunately laundry day and I made a face as I realized I should have thrown in extra top in the wash last night. I was down to the, ‘no’, ‘hell no’ and the ‘you wouldn’t catch me dead’ in tops. The ‘no’ selections consisted of a frumpy sweater and a bright green jacket with an aqua shirt under it. I grabbed the jacket and shirt. These two colors weren’t meant to go together unless you were color blind, but at least I could take the jacket off if I needed to. By the time I was ready, Nikki was there and Misty was confirming about laundry. So we quickly labelled clothes, stuffed it into bags. Misty made a list of her things, since she’d bought stuff and I hadn’t. I figured, more power to her, if any of my stuff got lost, I wouldn’t miss it outside of the outfit I’d come here in.

We went to breakfast. Nikki hadn’t really investigated anything. She’d been distracted by some cute boy in Jarlaheim and hadn’t gotten very far yet. Hey, at least I was trying to use Derek to my advantage. The post man could know all sorts of things, but it sounded like this random boy didn’t know anything. When we sat, I saw that Misty had taken a big pile of bacon and blessed the cooks. I wouldn’t have to badger her today about protein! I think to get the attention off of herself, and her bad investigative skills, Nikki started badgering Misty about her life. I could tell Misty didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about my life either. Anyways, I don’t know a lot about British life, but Misty’s sounded pretty typical, boarding school and that sort of thing. She liked video games. That made her cool in my book, but Nikki didn’t seem impressed. I restrained an urge to bristle.

Star was happy to see me. He perked right up and pranced about. Heart nipped Star and with a look at Evening I could see why. Misty’s horse looked grumpy. Star settled down and Heart snorted, shoving his rump with his nose. I think she wanted us to go so Evening and her could get back to dozing. She was being awfully motherly this morning.

We headed to Moorland to pole bend with the ponies. I wondered how Josh had taken Derek’s prank last night. When we got there, there were some whispering worried girls gossiping behind their hand and looking at Josh. And Josh, well, he was grumpy. Blunt as a post, hiding behind his hat brim. I looked at Misty. She looked baffled. I had to get out of there before I spilled my guts. I nudged Star into a gallop.

When I got back, Josh was even grumpier. Now his shoulders were set in an angry slump. Nikki asked me how I’d liked dancing last night. I glanced over at Josh as I told her I’d had a lot of fun. Derek, at the post office, had the courage to come over and ask me to dance. He’d even bought me a drink. I emphasized the word courage and Josh glared at me. I smiled at him. Before I could ask him if he’d enjoyed the show last night, Misty was back and Nikki took off down the track.

She rubbed her knee and whispered to me about getting some kneepads. I giggled like she’d said something really funny and it had been about Josh. Misty gave me a funny look. I wanted to kick her. She was the one with a crush on the boy and playing head games with him. Oh well.

Josh stopped us before we could leave. He’d noticed something wrong with Bright. I frowned. And he was being rude about it. Misty let him look at Bright’s hooves. He was getting thrush according to Josh. But Misty let him clean Bright’s hooves himself, which was its own sort of punishment for Josh’s lack of manners. That pony kept jerking his hooves out of Josh’s hands and almost stepping on his feet. I restrained giggles. Misty put her hand over her mouth.

He patted Bright’s rump when he was done, even though he was glaring. I think he slipped something more into Misty’s saddlebag than just her hoof pick. Misty thanked him, showing far better manners than Josh had at the moment and we left.

Before I could say anything to Misty about Josh’s advice, Nikki waved at us and took off towards the Fort to catch the ferry. I snorted at her back. Sure, she’d learn something, probably the color of that boy’s eyes, or maybe his name. I turned back to Misty and suggested to really clean out the stalls when we got back. She nodded emphatically.

I was going to check all my horses feet when I got back, just in case. After, that is, I looked up the symptoms on J-pedia. We ran the pony race which Star and Bright enjoy just a little too much and stopped in at Silverglade to check the mail, despite the fact it was Sunday and the post office shouldn’t even be open. But we stopped anyways, and lo and behold, Derek was there and we actually had mail! I frowned. I recognized the writing on the front as my father’s, but there wasn’t a return address. I flipped it open and realized it was an allowance and shut it just as quickly. Jeez! I stuffed it into a pocket. He shouldn’t send money through the mail like that. I’d check to see if there was a note later.

While Misty poked through her own envelope, I lowered my voice and told Derek that it was my obligatory duty to tell him that Josh was grumpy. Derek grinned. I rolled my eyes and left it at that. I don’t know if Misty got money like I did, but she tore the note into shreds and tossed it in a bin. She didn’t look the least bit happy about getting it. On the way out of town, we didn’t get past Big Bonnie’s house without her shouting at us. “Yoo hoo! It’s me, Herman! Savannah! Misty!”

I cringed. No one was going to believe that disguise if she insisted on screaming.

And apparently she wasn’t going to wait until we had our horses either. No.

Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.



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