Day Nine: Girls wanna have fun…

Alex told us the next step. We needed to find two girls named Anne and Lisa. They were the remaining members of a team with Alex and Linda. A team of what, she didn’t say. But she wanted us to help her, since we’d done such a good job so far.

Misty seemed to be really humble about that. She insisted we hadn’t done much, really!

I thought they’d dragged us into this too far! We were here for the summer at least and I don’t think I could bear to go do summer camp things knowing that Justin was out there with Dark Core, it was partially our fault, and we weren’t doing anything to help him. I still felt responsible. I wanted Misty to help too, but she’d have to make her own choice.

She also agreed. Though I don’t know what compelled her.

After we finished the muffins, Alex and Misty and I went back to the winery. Linda wanted to stick around Silverglade Village for the time being and take in the fresh air and being free. It was still really early yet and we didn’t have anything to do. But it was exhilarating. We’d actually done it! We’d saved Linda. When we got back, Judy told us that Claire in Valedale had texted her and wondered if we were coming up. She had some chores for us to do and a few little errands that needed ran. With nothing else on our plate, I thought it’d be a good thing to do and then we could leisurely ride around the island taking care of the rest of the stables. And I meant leisurely. Then, we could stop by Harold, badger his divine pizza rolls off of him and have a pizza party with Nikki and Alex for dinner.

Alex started laughing, but agreed, because who didn’t like Harold’s pizza rolls. She promised to drag Linda along. Linda definitely deserved pizza rolls after being cooped up for so long. God knows what Godfrey was feeding her. I thought about asking Derek to come, but then he’d teased me about spying on him. So, he could stay at his post office and eat cup of noodles for all I cared. Tonight would be a girl’s night!

Not that I know what a girl’s night entails, diary. I just know that girls have them and they are supposed to be fun! Well, we’ll try it.

Misty texted Nikki who I guess was getting tired of the library. Misty’s face looked pained. Nikki was weird. Even I liked Libraries. Libraries were where the art books and music were! I mean, I wasn’t into history like Misty seemed to be, unless it was Art History, but even I could appreciate a good solid semi-scary fantasy book or two.

As we did chores, Misty seemed to get more and more anxious over something. It was infecting me! I tried to keep up a brash front, but I could tell Heart sensed something was off since she kept trying to reassure me by nuzzling my hair and anything she could reach. Maybe this girl’s night idea hadn’t been the best one. It was out there now and we were going to go through with it. Just, what if they really didn’t like me after getting to know me? I liked Misty just fine, but, it’d be nice to have some friends, like a group of them.

We ended back up at the winery to freshen up and wait for Nikki. Misty started messing around with her trunk and when she opened the top of it, a hat box fell out. When she opened the box I felt a little surge of jealousy at the hat. Big, and floppy, like one of those hats the femme fatales wear in the black and white movies. If it was black, I’d be more jealous, but still. It was a cool hat. I didn’t get to dwell on it long though. She started waving something at me, a deck of cards. She suggested it as something to do.

It was a good idea. I didn’t have any ideas what to do. I mean, what did a group of girls do at these things? But, what would we play? My favorite game of Slap probably wasn’t a good idea. Go Fish seemed too juvenile. Misty suggested poker. I hid a wince. I wasn’t the greatest at that and I pointed out betting money was probably a bad idea, especially among new friends. It wouldn’t let us get to know each other, but I didn’t actually say that. How were we going to get to know each other? The only game I knew girls played at parties that revealed anything about themselves was Truth or Dare.

I snapped my fingers. That was it. We’d bet truths and dares. Misty started making tokens. Nikki finally showed up. She introduced us to her brown gelding, Dragonpromise. I don’t think Heart was impressed. She seemed content to ignore him. I muttered at her that if he was a full stallion she might have other ideas in her head. She just gave me this look. Well, Evening was a gelding and she wasn’t interested in him either! She had this whole “Be careful or I’ll tease you about your young man” feeling about her and I stuck my tongue out at her. Star must have been gossiping.

I tuned in with half an ear to Nikki and Misty as we rode down. Nikki wasn’t having much luck finding stuff in the library because she didn’t know the system. Misty tried to explain it to her but Nikki wasn’t listening. Which, in my opinion, was just plain dumb. When someone tries to give you information meant to help you, it’s best to listen! Nikki wanted to know our plans, so I told her about our truth or dare poker game and she got really excited. I could tell Misty was put out though. Nikki knew poker. She played against the clowns in her parent’s circus. I was curious if clowns were serious about poker or did they treat it like a joke like everything else.

Nikki looked at me as if I’d grown two heads and joined the freak show on the midway. What? It was just a question?

Alex and Linda had pushed a few tables together for us at Harold’s. They’d even found an extra chair for Misty’s leg. I felt better already. They’d gone ahead and ordered the pizza rolls so the place smelled divine. We ordered drinks (Misty ordered water with her tea for some reason) and I explained the concept of the game. Misty used the water to start tearing apart the tokens and Linda was helping her when I heard her mention something about throwing water at Nikki and I if we started talking about boys. I bristled. “Hey! As if you won’t be just as bad!” I was not the only one with a crush at this table.

She flushed and wisely didn’t say anything else. I made a new rule on the spot, no truth or dares about boys. This was a girl’s night. We were not discussing males. I think Harold would have been more affronted if he hadn’t been laughing behind the counter.

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