Day Ten: Holidays from holidays mean shopping!

Day Ten: Tuesday, April 12th

Normally, I wake up to Misty’s British singers playing songs that haven’t made it to the American top 40. Not today, today, I woke up to American music, but sad American music. I rolled over and waited for Misty to get up, but when the second song started, something about heartache, I realized that she was curling up into a smaller ball and refusing to come out from under the covers. Something was wrong.

I got out of bed and pulled up the corner of the quilt. She looked back at me, her aqua eyes huge and watery. I heard some more of the lyrics and bit the inside of my cheek. This had to be about Josh. I furrowed my brow. Last night I was thinking it was time for a little break. This whole last week had been go, go, go. We were supposed to be on vacation here and so far, it hadn’t been much of one. It was time for some shopping therapy. “We are taking a holiday.” I told her, dropped the blanket and went to get ready.

That got her to sit up. “But, we’re already on holiday?” She said, looking and sounding very confused.

Sure, we were on holiday, not that it’d been much of one. We’d been running all over creation since we got off the ferry and dragged into something that was way over our heads. Plus, she’d bought more clothes than I had during our last mini shopping trip to get clothes to meet the baroness in and neither of us had enough clothes that we’d actually wear. She nodded so I continued. We’d take the ponies to pony point, go through Moorland on the way back to do chores and any shopping we wanted there. We’d hit the winery to feed the horses and then just go wherever we needed to go while doing chores and this afternoon, we were going to the Mall.

She blanched at the idea of the mall. I knew it was going to be a bit of a stretch to get her to go. But, we needed to at least check it out even if we didn’t buy anything. I grabbed the only things that I was keeping to wear, the lilac collared t-shirt I’d bought to meet the baroness in and the black flare pants they’d given us. Everything else, I stuck into my saddlebag to get rid of as soon as we got out of that door. There was a shop attached right next to the stable that sold horse gear and would buy anything back.

I dumped everything on the counter between breakfast and tacking up the ponies and came out of it with a boatload of Jorvik Shillings. The guy seemed pretty amused and promised to ship my stuff down to Steve’s 2nd Hand. I said I didn’t care as long as it was gone. He laughed outright. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of girls wear the free stuff but it’s just not my groove.

The ponies seemed pretty excited about taking a different road than normal, new smells and new sights and all that. I waved to Barney as we passed his silo. Star and I took our turn after Misty and I was determined to get a better time, so I stuck to the inside as much as I could. I don’t know if it helped or not. We rode to Moorland after that. I had a tick list of the amount of things I needed. I wanted 5 more shirts, 2 more pairs of pants, a couple pairs of gloves and at least one more pair of boots. Hats would depend on price. I knew Moorland had some super cheap stuff in one of my favorite colors. I hadn’t seen much of my favorite color around so I was definitely getting them. There was an aqua colored helmet (40 JS), a pair of matching gloves (80 JS) and a pair of ass kicking boots (50 JS). There was also a pair of grey pants that would look good with the shirt I was wearing (140 JS.) Yes, I can be a cheapskate.

There was a rumor about some guy who’d set up a shop in the old G.E.D. worksite. I had to drag Misty off the path to check it out. He had a lot of flag t-shirts and some nasty looking construction stuff, but he also had a pair of awesome grey camo cargo pants (1300 JS) that’d go great with my new boots and a pair of super cheap black gloves (420 JS).

There, pants were covered.

Misty didn’t stick around after an initial sniff at what he had. She came back with a chain of flowers on Bright’s neck. I bit my tongue and decided not to say anything. The pony didn’t seem to mind. Being something of a city girl, I hope Star didn’t get any ideas. I didn’t know how to make daisy chains.

We went through Silverglade to check the mail and imagine my surprise when Misty put the kneepads and brace on the counter, squeaked out something about Derek getting them to Josh and took off like a frightened mouse.

Derek leaned over the counter and stared after her. He turned wide eyes to me. “I don’t bite!”

I struggled not to laugh. “She’s shy.” I told him and then I looked down my nose. “You owe me lunch.”

He smirked at me. “Is that a date?”

I turned red. “No. Not really. Unless you want it to be.” I bit my tongue and glared at him. “I’ve got shopping to do. Good bye.” I blurted out and dashed away. There was a t-shirt I’d seen in one of the shops that had a snarling wolf on it and I wanted it, even though it was super expensive. He had the gall to laugh at my back. Let him laugh, I hadn’t meant it to sound like a date! Boys are annoying.

I found the t-shirt and Misty. Okay, so the t-shirt was 5520 JS, but it was so worth it. I know I was still red. She didn’t say anything, if anything my red face made her look crestfallen. But Bright knew how to cheer her up, so we headed back to the winery at a skippy trot. Misty put her flower chain on the stalls of her horses and it really did brighten up the place. Evening didn’t look too happy about it though.

Maybe we should find a vase or something. Heart whuffled into my hair as I was getting her groomed and ready to go, as if asking where her flowers were. I just patted her nose and didn’t answer. I hurried through chores so I could go get the black blouse I’d seen in one of the stores. It looked nice enough that if we had to see the Baroness in some sort of official capacity I could wear that instead of the blouse I was wearing. It was also more my style. It just wouldn’t do to let the Baroness see us in the same thing all the time. I waved to the old lady on my way by. When I got back, Judy told the both of us that Felicity had texted her that morning about a small wolf problem in Firgrove.

Wolf problem? WOLF problem? SMALL? There are wolves around here! Did it occur to anybody that having dangerous wild animals near a summer camp might be a problem?

Judy went a little overboard on the reassurances that we probably wouldn’t actually see the wolves near Firgrove. They liked to come out that way at night and it was broad daylight. Something about wolves not actually liking people. I stared at her and wondered if she realized that wolves weren’t really nocturnal animals. Judy then went on to say that horses didn’t like wolves and if anything happened, our mounts would probably scream and run away. And I would be screaming right along with them.

After my hyperventilation attack (I’m from the city, thank you,) we consulted the map and formed a little itinerary which would hopefully get us to Fort Pinta by lunch.

Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.



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