Day Ten: Why does my horse like pink hearts?

Misty moved her leg a little, I think to get it more comfortable. The cushions on the chairs weren’t that great. I tried to keep my voice idle but I was curious. I said something along the lines that I hoped her leg would get better soon. That way Josh could stop fussing about it that is if the two of them were ever going to start talking to each other again. I wasn’t sure what was going on there.

She turned red and sputtered at me. She was pretty quick to turn the tables about Derek too. I didn’t let her get away with it for a second though, pressing her about Josh. She finally admitted her crush but then I was afraid she was about to burst into tears as she went off about Loretta. Well, I told her then and there that if Josh was stupid enough to let Loretta lead him about the nose and not see what a sweet girl Misty was then he wasn’t the guy for her. I swore though that Loretta was all hung up about Justin Moorland. Misty wailed that it made it worse. Well, we would just have to do a little digging and figure out what the hell was going on in Moorland that wasn’t related to G.E.D. and Dark Core. It’d be a bit of a relief for once. It wouldn’t be life or death and surely someone would be willing to gossip. Tan would know. May would forget we asked in five minutes or if we wanted the sensible version we could talk to Jenna. Misty hiccupped and giggled.

Crisis averted.

But then she made me talk about Derek. She wouldn’t let me wiggle out of it either. I think I dithered too much. I mean, he’s handsome but he’s such a boy. And he couldn’t be that much older than us right? Misty thought Derek worried about me. Well, I certainly worried about him! You’d think running the post office would be relatively safe, but not with people like that creepy Mr. Sands about. No wonder there was that idiom about going postal. I shuddered. It was hard for me to tell if he was simply being friendly or if he really liked me. I did not admit that Derek had cornered me sort of kind of into a lunch date and it was all my own fault. Misty said that at the very least I didn’t have anyone else to compete with. My eyes widened, just all of the other campers and girls in Jorvik.

She rolled her eyes at me, I swear.

I saved the carrot sticks out of my lunch for Heart and ran them to her. Misty kept half an apple for Evening. As she munched, I told her I was going shopping and that she probably would want to stay here. She snorted at me and as I went to leave, she tugged the halter from the hook and followed me! I glared at her, led her back to the stall and went to leave again. She followed me again! I gave up. I told her that this was going to be boring. But she wasn’t paying the least bit attention. Evening seemed content to doze in the stall! Why couldn’t she? I needed another shirt. I stopped at the Fort Pinta Gear stall first. They had a couple of purple bridles, but I couldn’t decide if I liked them or not. I moved on to the next stall which sold T-Shirts designed by Moorland Summer Campers. Heart didn’t follow me.

Of course, I didn’t notice until after I paid for a new shirt and heard the previous stall owner shouting. I turned and flushed.

Heart was poking her nose in the stall to look at something. I dashed back over and grabbed her neck. “Heart,” I said. “You’re upsetting the man. Back up.”

She whickered at me and stuck her nose inside again and pushed at something. I peered beyond her head to see what it was, a purple saddle with pink hearts on it. My eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I told her. “No. It has pink hearts.

She went to lip it and I grabbed her halter. “No mouthing the merchandise!” I hissed. “I am so sorry.” I told the man. “She’s not usually like this.”

Heart backed up. I let her go. Only to have her trot around the stall to get a better look at the saddle. I hoped I wasn’t attracting too much attention. “Spiderheart!” I hissed, ran after her, and grabbed her halter before she could start lipping at the saddle again. She sniffed it and made pleased noises. The stall keeper gave me one of those looks. I backed her up.

“I’m afraid you need a bit more experience,” He said. “Before you can buy that saddle.”

“See,” I tugged on her. “I’m not ready for a saddle like that. And it’s pink and lavender.”

She pointed her nose at a white blanket with pink hearts on it.

“That’s worse.

She snorted at me.

“Come on,” I said and tugged her away. “We’ll talk about it.”

Heart let me lead her away, but she kept looking over her shoulder at the saddle and making mournful noises.

Damn it.

“Fine,” I said. “When I’ve got enough experience, we’ll see about getting the saddle.” I told her.

Her ears perked up and she whickered.

“But I am not wearing pink.” I said and marched towards the store with the dance lights next to it. “Now, if I drop your lead will you behave?” I asked.

She whickered again and I took that for agreement. I let her go as I came up to the shop. It was really neat. They had all sorts of disco wear. I made notes about what I wanted. Though I couldn’t find a t-shirt in that shop to go with the pants. I’d have to find one elsewhere. We moved on. I was avoiding the stalls with the horse accessories. I didn’t want another mouthing the merchandise incident. I found a pair of awesome and, as per the description, gorgeous aviator sunglasses at “Eyewear Fort.” They were more stylish than the pair I had and might actually have darker lenses. I was willing to shell out the 69 Star Coins for them. I immediately replaced the ones I was wearing with them. Heart seemed to approve.

Fort Pinta clothes was the place where I’d bought the shirt I was wearing. They also had a cool purple cowboy hat, 1670 JS. I bought it and stuck it on my head. I asked Heart what she thought. Heart whickered. I took it for approval. It was better than the helmet and didn’t make my head nearly as hot. They had an aqua dyed hat I had my eye on for later, it was labelled “Special dyed.” It looked like it would go with the pants from the dance store. And at the Fort Pinta VIP shop, I’d seen a white midriff t-shirt with an aqua whale on it done in sequins. It’d been designed by Lisa of Jorvik, whoever that was. All I needed were some white gloves and some white shoes, and there, I’d have a dance outfit.

But, I couldn’t buy any of that just yet, because somebody wanted a lavender saddle with pink hearts on it. And I had to save my shillings to make sure I had enough to get her that very special saddle.

I met back up with Misty who kept looking at me and Heart and giggling. I flushed. We talked to James about going to the mall, which he insisted was a Shopping Plaza. It sounded like a mall to me. After a debate of semantics and slang, he admitted he needed to go himself but he, of course, couldn’t take time away from his customers and could we, pretty please, do it for him.

We are such suckers.

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