Day Ten: Finally able to explore the mall, er, plaza…

I waited for Misty, she huffed a little, but she had a couple boxes of clothes. We waved at the Janitor, who seemed fond of us under his scowl and took off.

It was a lot of fun. We got adjoining dressing rooms at the clothes shop and tried on all sorts of things, giggling. There was an awesome leather dress. There were school uniforms and all sorts of stuff in a rainbow of colors. There was even a pretty dress in champagne yellow. I think Misty liked the pink version of it better, but that yellow is so hard to find! There was a black ruffle skirt. And a pair of black cowboy boots with white stars on them that I was positive Star would like.

We went up to the equipment store next, and they had the full set of purple with pink hearts that Heart wanted! Alyx’s face lit up when I asked her to put a set of it on hold for me and gave her Heart’s measurements to make sure it’d fit properly. I swallowed hard at what it was going to cost me in Jorvik Shillings, but if Heart wanted it. Then I might as well get it. She wouldn’t leave me alone otherwise. I tucked away enough of the Jorvik Shillings to pay for the entire set. The saddle wasn’t western, so I didn’t feel right getting the western bridle so ordered the regular one instead.

Misty ordered the Sailor set for Bright. Alyx was gleeful when we were done. She even had a set in Bright’s size in stock. So Misty had it shipped to the winery.

There were a lot of ribbons and bows and leg wraps at the decoration store, but nothing that would go with Heart’s gear. Oh well.

By then, I was ready to go. I hadn’t actually gotten anything yet, but I didn’t know I’d have such a demanding horse! We picked up our stuff from the janitor, who seemed like he wasn’t happy we were going. He even said we could come back, as long as we wiped our feet. We discussed our purchases on the way back. Neither of us were willing to wear anything without washing it. James almost didn’t give us the reward we promised. We had to exert our looks on him and he stuttered and tossed a pink vest and shirt at each of us from the boxes. Misty liked it. I was going to sell it.

But just as I was about to head to Heart so we could get back to the winery. Misty grabbed my hand and dragged me back towards the courtyard. She started begging me to go into the pet store with her. A pet store? She’d noticed a pet store? I let her drag me. I mean, pets are cute and all. And it’d be relaxing after the clothes. We were on holiday. Not that I was going to buy a pet or anything.

There was a saddlebag shop outside, but we bypassed it to go into the shop first. Misty cooed over the kittens. And they were cute and soft. Just, they’d have to have their nails trimmed or else they’d shred everything in our room! I did rub bellies though. The puppies were just so bouncy. Misty sat down and the lady handed her a white rabbit with floppy ears. She asked if I wanted to hold one too, but I demurred. I wasn’t so sure about rabbits. They were hidden menaces with wiggly noses and what was with all the animals anyways! Kittens and puppies I understood as pets. Rabbits, not as much. So, while Misty petted and cooed the white rabbit, I watched the rest of them.

Most of them were pretty happy to roll over on their backs or scratch their ears with their hind legs. Pretty much like every other type of pet I’d encountered. And though I was attracted to the black rabbit with the white spots, there was another rabbit who caught my eye more. He was brown with white spots, just like the black rabbit, with a big one over one eye. He looked at me and then it was like he started doing tricks. He lifted and lowered his ears. Then did somersaults. He got up on his back legs and clapped. I had to laugh. He was so cute and smart! The lady picked him up for me and handed him over. I adjusted so he could stand on my arm and he went up onto his hand legs and put a paw on my cheek.

“All right,” I said. I adjusted him in my arm and passed over the star coins.

Misty had already bought the white rabbit she’d been cuddling. She promptly named the rabbit Snow Belle.

My rabbit was such a smart little fellow, I couldn’t decide what to name him. Misty dithered at the saddlebag stall. My purchase was pretty easy. They had a perfect match for Heart’s new gear. I’d be able to appease her until the rest of it was ready. It wasn’t that badly priced either, 25 Star Coins.

Misty told me that she couldn’t buy Evening anything unless he approved it. I laughed. Heart had made her wishes known on the subject. We went back to the horses and introduced the rabbits to them. Evening was indifferent about Snow. I held up the rabbit to Heart. Her ears laid back and I was prepared to have to give her a little lecture about making friends, when the rabbit reached up and patted her nose. Heart blinked twice and then nuzzled him and well, just like that the two were the best of friends. The rabbit rubbed her nose in some sort of kiss. I struggled not to roll my eyes. Heart pranced in place and whickered happily when I showed her the saddlebag for the rabbit and informed her that I’d ordered her gear.

We rode back to the winery talking and gossiping. So after dinner we spent the evening doing laundry, gossiping with Nikki while she played with our new pets and we sorted through our clothes making outfits.

Then Nikki dropped the bombshell. Loretta was Josh’s sister.

Holy shit! That explained so much. Misty looked shocked and then incensed. Josh could have said something! I have a feeling that the snubbing of Josh was going to continue. Just, now for different reasons. Oh what a tangled mess, but it made me giggle. We’d of course, have to verify this information with Jenna, May and Tan or whoever else was willing to gossip. I mocked Misty’s accent and said how absurd the whole thing was. She threw a pillow at me. We had a little pillow fight and broke it up.

It took us a few minutes to find the rabbits who were sensibly hiding from our hilarity. We all fell into bed giggling though. It was really nice to have friends. I let the soft patter of rain of the roof lull me to sleep. It’d been a great day.

2471 SC, 16367 – 14270 Heart’s Gear = 2097 JS

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