Day Eleven: Cinnaminamin….

Day Eleven: April 13th, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

The name for my rabbit came to me in the middle of the night. Misty and I decided to head to the pony race first this morning. I think Misty needed to work up her courage to see Josh again. Misty had put Bright in his new nautical themed gear. He was so happy about it. I couldn’t help but giggle at it. She was wearing some nautical theme things too. They were very her style. She looked a little worried at my laughter and I reassured her that she and Bright looked great, very coordinated. That made her relax enough to get on with our day.

So, as we went through Silverglade Village and stopped to check our mail. I plopped my rabbit onto Derek’s desk and went “This is Cinnamon.” Derek’s eyes widened and he took a step backwards. My brown bunny with white spots wasn’t about to have any of that. He scratched his ear, then did a few somersaults, stood on his head and then when he rolled back to his feet, he held out his paw to Derek. “He does tricks.” I said as deadpan as I could. I heard Misty giggle behind me.

Derek started to laugh and then winced, keeling over in pain.

My eyes widened. “Derek!” I wanted to jump the counter, but leaned over as best I could and held my hands out. “Are you okay?”

He shoved my hands away and slowly stood up. “Josh punched me.” He said.

My jaw dropped. Misty gasped.

“I’m fine.” He said and then smirked. He shook Cinnamon’s paw and then scratched the bunny on top of the head, slipping him a carrot stick. Star snorted, shoving his head forward. He wanted a carrot stick too. Derek passed one over to him.

I pushed my pony’s nose out of the way. I knew all about Derek’s tendency to tease. My eyes narrowed. “Okay, what did you do?”

He coughed. “Nothing.”

“He punched you! That doesn’t count as nothing!” I protested.

“Oh, that,” Derek batted his eyes and tried looking innocent. “He’s being such a mother hen and all.”

I groaned and put my hand over my eyes. “You didn’t.” He’d picked on Josh. Oh good God. “You deserved that.”

“Hey!” Derek protested this time.

I swept up Cinnamon who was finishing up his carrot and lifted my nose. “Thanks for the carrots.” I said and got up on Star. “Good day.”

“Savannah!” He whined.

I nudged Star into a trot and headed out of the village.

“Lunch, sometime!” He shouted after me.

I flushed. He wasn’t going to let me forget that.

I told Misty I couldn’t believe Derek had done that. Then on second thought, I said, yes, I could. He was such a boy! Why did I like him so much again? Misty didn’t have an answer for me, though she was willing to tease me about him.

Cinnamon seemed to like going over the jumps. Star was careful not to splash in the water. We didn’t want our bunny friend to get wet! Salty fur. No good.

I should have known of course, that given Derek’s smug attitude, the fact that he’d picked on Josh hadn’t been all that had happened. There were a few girls coming away from the pole bending area with shocked looks on their faces. They were all whispering. As we came closer, though Josh had his hat tugged down low over his eyes, it was pretty easy to see why. His hair had been dyed black. Not a deep black either, but a grey kind of wishy washy black. I bit my tongue and gestured for Misty to go first.

She did a good job of pretending to ignore him. Though his eyes were quite wide and puppy dog looking. As she wove through the poles, I nudged Star closer to him. “Nice color, and sweater.” I said. His sweater was awful looking. It looked like something my grandfather would wear only if nothing else in his closet was clean.

He gritted his teeth and glared at the ground. “Someone put ink in my shampoo.”

I choked. I knew who that someone was. “What does your sister think about it?” I asked.

His head snapped up and he stared at me. Like it hadn’t occurred to him that I should know that Loretta was his sister. Then he flushed and cringed. “She finds it pretty funny. Probably wishes she thought of it herself.” He muttered.

Misty was headed back down the course at a hard gallop. I shifted in Star’s saddle and raised my eyebrows. “So, you planned on ever telling Misty that Loretta is your sister.”

He didn’t get a chance to answer me as Misty and Bright charged over the line and halted. He had to consult his stopwatch. I smiled at him and kicked Star into gear.

Misty I think did her Queen of England impression until I got back. Or she was trying, Snow Belle had about jumped out of her bag to nuzzle Josh. I heard Misty mutter. “Traitor.”

I coughed to let them know I was present. Josh flushed and stuffed Snow Belle back into the saddlebag. He read off my time. As he was looking down, Misty reached over and snatched his hat. “My hat,” she said and replaced her helmet with it.

I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. She lifted her nose and nudged Bright.

Josh managed to find his voice. “Hey! That’s mine.”

She just giggled, touched the brim as she looked over her shoulder at him. “Mine now.”

I tugged the brim of my new purple hat. “Good Day, partner.” I said in my best fake western drawl. I caught up with Misty. I looked over at her. “You took the hat because he punched Derek.”

“Yes.” She said.

I burst into giggles so hard I could barely breathe.

“Savvy!” Misty stared at me.

“His face!” I gasped.

Then she burst into giggles too. We laughed all the way back to the winery. We were still giggling sporadically as we mucked out the stalls and got the horses ready. Just as we were about to go, the Baroness came to us and asked us to help her find some pearls she’d lost off an heirloom network. She’d recently gone on an inspection of the winery and been wearing the necklace and somewhere it broke. She’d found most of them, but there were half a dozen or so still missing and they could be anywhere.

She gave us her route and Misty and I split it in half, agreeing to meet up near the back of the winery where Pauline was. We both scrounged through a whole bunch of spots. When that old lady took a walk, she took a walk. We found them all, right where we were to meet basically. We should have started there. Isn’t that just the way of it! We took the pearls back to the Baroness and in return she gave us a mid-weight yellow trench coat type jacket. We thanked her and went on our way. We needed to meet with Linda!

Have a question you want to ask Savvy about her experiences in Moorland or before? Ask at Ask Mountain Song on tumblr.



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