Valentines Tree

I wasn’t ready for Christmas to end and take my tree down. Fortunately for me, my tree doesn’t require watering and is rather small. So, I took off my goth black Christmas decorations and headed to the Dollar Tree (and Dollar General) and came up with a Valentines Tree. (Just in case you’re not ready for the season to be over either!)


Close ups and instructions follow:

Making this Valentines Tree didn’t cost me much either. For about twenty dollars I had more than enough decorations to cover the tree without it looking the least bit sparse.


What you need:

Christmas Ornament Hooks 100 ct (Dollar General)
12 Fake Roses (bunches of 6 at the Dollar Tree)
2 Packages Foam Scatter Hearts 65ct (Dollar Tree)
1 Package Foam Valentine’s Stickers 75ct (Dollar General)
2 Packages of Heart Shaped Party Favors 12 ct (Dollar Tree)
2 Sets of Heart Bead Party Necklaces (Dollar Tree)
2 Rolls Half Inch Valentine’s Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
1 Roll One Inch Valentine’s Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
Twist Ties & Paper Clips
Large Foam Heart Shapes 4ct (Dollar General)
1 Clip On Rose Decoration (Dollar General)
Scissors & School Glue

I also had from my Christmas Tree a 48 ct set of plastic “diamond” ornaments. I left those on the tree. I believe I bought those at Target a year or two back.

Pop the Rose heads off the stems to scatter about the tree near the “trunk.”

Cut the Valentine’s Bead necklaces open so that they create a string instead of a circle. Using paperclips, clip them to the ‘top’ branch of the tree. (I found this to be important.)

Drape the 1/2 inch Valentine’s ribbon over the tree at 180 degree angle. Make sure one end is at the base of the tree and then cut the ribbon where it lies on the other side at the base of the tree. You can use this length to cut the rest of the ribbon into pieces. The ribbon I had cut into one full lengths and 1/2 a length. So, I was able to tape the two 1/2 lengths together to create another long ribbon piece. Drape these over the tree.

The foam scatter pieces and stickers are easy to turn into ornaments just by shoving an ornament hook near the top. I made a dozen of each heart color, and then using the large heart pieces and small heart pieces created two dozen more. One dozen was a large pink heart with a small red heart, and the other dozen was a large red heart with a small pink heart. If I had been thinking properly I would have used two of the small hearts on each side of the big heart that way it would be the same on both sides. As it was, I had lots of foam scatter hearts left over.

My foam stickers had at least half a dozen shapes. I used only three of them, the owls, lady bugs and teddy bears. There were also kiss shapes and two more types hearts. By the time I was done putting the teddy bears on the tree I was running out of branches!

The heart shaped party favors look like they were supposed to be vinyl bracelets. But they were perfect for decorations. I had a dozen of each color to hook onto the tree.


To make the Valentine’s bows, you need the 1 Inch Ribbon and twist ties. My ribbon had wire edges. I’m not sure I recommend this, but it did help to finish the ends the ribbons easier.

First, cut a 9in piece of ribbon and fold the first 4 inches over and then fold over the last inch to ‘finish’ it off. This will be your bow.

Then cut a 5in piece of ribbon. On each end fold over 1/2 an inch of ribbon to finish the ends off. This will be your tails.

Now you have two 4inch pieces.

Bend the wires in the ribbon of the tail piece upwards in half. On the bow piece of ribbon, you need to bend the bottom wires upwards and the top wires downwards to “pinch” the ribbon into a bow in the middle. (This is why I don’t recommend the wire.) Place the bow piece on top of the tail piece where the wires are bent and use a twist tie to hold them together. My twist ties were from a package of Valentine’s Cellophane Favor Bags. (I cut up the bags to put on my windows. Yay! Static Cling.) Fluff and tug on the bow until it looks right.

My single roll of ribbon made about half a dozen full bows with enough ribbon left over to create a bow for my tree topper.

To create the tree topper, take two of the large foam heart shapes and glue top edges and 3/4 of the side together. You want to leave an opening on the bottom to create a ‘hole’ in order to put the topper on the tree. Glue remaining bow top of the ribbon bows to top of one side of the heart and hold down with something heavy. Let this dry overnight. Come morning you should be able to slide it on top of your tree. Clip the Rose clip ornament near the base. (I wanted to clip it onto the topper itself, but it was too heavy and the topper kept falling off the tree.)

And you have your very own Valentines day tree!

I had a lot of fun with this. And remember, these are only suggestions and/or guidelines! If anyone else makes an awesome valentine’s tree, I’d love to see it. Link me below or send me an e-mail!


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