One word: Computers

Or maybe it should be… Microsoft.

Long story short, a couple of weeks ago the hard drive of my still under protection plan and only just out of warranty computer decided to go. I can fix anything but hardware problems. So, there was a nail biting week or so of figuring out and getting my computer to where it needed to go to be fixed. And they did, they swapped out the hard drive but instead of oh so kindly moving the files from the old hard drive to the new one, they installed Windows and sent it back (with the old hard drive in bubble wrap). Then my body promptly went kaput on me for five days in a row which put off having to reinstall everything.

The internet detox did me some good I think. I mostly missed chatting with Becca, writing on a format that I can hit backspace and playing Star Stable. (As much as I like webcomics and reading advice columns that is just white noise.) So, I started a new writing project, marathoned the Hobbit and LotRs and got caught up on the last four seasons of Sons of Anarchy.

Just having my computer’s hard drive decide to grind together for a reason I can’t fathom because I don’t move it is very, very stressful and I’d like to avoid it again if it all possible. (But, that I guess is normal wear and tear.) So, I’m back.

Just in case any of you missed me.


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