Preview: The Lone Prospect

The Lone Prospect

Coming August 2016

Like I’ve said, I’ve decided to self-publish my werewolf novel, The Lone Prospect in Early August this year! And, I’m so excited and happy (because that means I don’t have to wait and wait to write in this universe again. And I love this universe.)

Rebels with a cause, the members of the Heaven’s Heathens motorcycle club regularly risk life and limb to rescue those in need, all to protect their greatest secret, that they’re all werewolves. Now a new member has petitioned to join the pack…

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Today, I present to you for free a preview of what the book is like, the first three chapters!

Chapter One Pale Cookie! Chapter Two Pale Cookie! Chapter Three

No angsty werewolves angsting about being werewolves.
No Dominant Alpha Romances
No Serial Murders
No dog dicks… *shudder*

Lots of action/adventure and plenty of pack/family dynamics.

The Lone Prospect, A Tale of the Heaven’s Heathens coming soon to Kindle.


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