It’s alive!

The Lone ProspectThe Lone Prospect is live and available for sale at Amazon. For the special price of $7.99 from 8/8 to 11/8. Purchase it here!

Rebels with a cause, the members of the Heaven’s Heathens motorcycle club regularly risk life and limb to rescue those in need, all to protect their greatest secret, that they’re all werewolves. Now a new member has petitioned to join the pack…

The Lone Prospect

The Expendables meets Sons of Anarchy meets the Wolfman… without all the tragedy and stuff.

No angsty werewolves angsting about being werewolves.
No alpha dominance romances.
No serial murders.
No dog dicks. (shudders)

Plenty of action/adventure and family/pack dynamics.

On Sale Now at Amazon!


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