The Lone Prospect: Excerpt 1

They came to the corner. Savannah looked down. She breathed out. The truck was still burning nicely but there was a group of men. She looked for cover as she put her pistol away. She pulled out a small machine gun. The box of ammunition attached to it wasn’t much bigger than a six inch square box. Damn it, the sole cover was across the road. They’d be seen before they could get there. So much for quietly trying anything.

Gideon looked at it and his eyes narrowed. That was the cutest, smallest machine gun he’d ever seen in his life. Jealousy surged. He wanted one. Where did Savannah get all these ‘her sized’ weapons anyways? She had a smaller sized assault rifle. The pistol had fit her hands too and now a mini-machine gun. It was adorable and borderline psychotic.

He shifted his assault rifle closer to his chest. “Plan?” he asked. He’d seen where the good cover was too. He didn’t like it, but any port in a hurricane. He’d rather have something between his hide and the bullets beyond half an inch of metal alloy.

“Jump to cover, come up shooting,” she said. There were so many of the bastards between them and the rendezvous point, it didn’t matter to Savannah that it would give away their position. They were the group of white people in a camp mainly of Africans. The point was to thin the enemy before the enemy got them. Being on point, they were the ones to make sure that there was a path for the group behind them to keep running down. This wasn’t a war. This was a rescue mission.

“And that thing can hurt people?” Gideon asked. He had to be sure.

“If I hit them right, it will.” Savannah checked the safety.

He grinned. Yeah, he wanted one then. He checked for the rest of their company. They were getting close. He exhaled. “After you then.”

“You’re such a gentleman, Prospect,” Savannah said. “I like it.” She checked where the rest of them were, double-checked the group of soldiers. “On three,” she said.

Gideon glanced at her and was glad he did. Her body language showed she was already set for the jump.

“Three,” she said and jumped.

He growled and jumped after her.

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