The Lone Prospect: Excerpt 3

Savannah bounced over next to Brand, pushed his hair out of the way, and kissed his cheek. “Hello, Grandfather,” she said.

Brand turned his head and grinned at her. “It’s my favorite granddaughter,” he said and wrapped an arm about her shoulders, hugging her. It was made easier by the fact she was probably close to a foot shorter than he was.

Savannah rolled her dark green eyes. “Once again, I am your only granddaughter. As a point of interest, my aunts and uncles only gave you grandsons.”

“Much to my detriment.” Brand kissed the top of her head, through her short black hair. The light was almost too low to see the purple in it.

She wrinkled her nose. A metal stud was set in the side of it. “They haven’t taken to the life as well as I have.” She wore a vest, it wasn’t as decorated as Brand’s, but wasn’t as plain as Ashley’s either. Her patch read V. President. She looked down. “What’s this? Terrorists? Pirates? Scary Chinese businessmen?” She sounded far more eager than was necessary.

Brand grinned. “Just a regular doctor who got himself kidnapped by a dictator’s army.”

Savannah’s eyes roved over the map taking in points of interest. “Did I hear about a puppy?”

Brand kept his voice mild. “New boy in town, don’t worry your head about him.”

She looked up. “You say that and I always worry.”

Brand looked down his nose at her. “Let Ashley do her job and you do yours, Savannah.”

Savannah glanced at the other woman, acknowledging her presence for the first time. Ashley smirked at her. Savannah raised both eyebrows. She looked back at Brand. “And that is?”

“Rescuing idealistic young doctors from the clutches of evil dictators.”

“Ahh,” Savannah nodded slowly.

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