The Lone Prospect Excerpt 7

To find Eberron, Savannah didn’t have far to go. She walked across the compound parking lot, past a carved wooden sign braced with four by four square posts and built up with formed rocks. It read, “Moonbeams,” with a big happy smiling full moon logo.

The door was made of glass and on the other side at ground level she could see a pair of big blue eyes.

She pulled the door open, leaned down, and caught the black wolf puppy that was about to dash out. “No,” she said to him.

The bell set above the door chimed out.

The puppy didn’t seem to mind that his escape had been thwarted. He wagged his tail and wiggled around to lick Savannah’s chin. She giggled. The puppy proceeded to sniff her ear and then lick half of her face in happiness.

“Set a sentry did they?” she asked the puppy. She couldn’t tell who the puppy belonged to at first glance. All wolf puppies were born with black fur and blue eyes and he wouldn’t start to show his true colors for a few more years. He had to be under the age of six. She cradled him in her arms and scratched his ears and walked deeper into the atrium.

Poppy stuck her head out of the kitchen. “Savannah?” she asked, and tucked dark brown curls behind her ear.

“I have a missing technician,” Savannah said.

Poppy’s face crinkled up and she grinned. In the other room, the two of them heard a deep roar.

“Found him!”

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