Killjoys Season 2

Having learned my lesson in Season One, I decided to binge watch Season Two of Killjoys all the way through from beginning to end, or else I knew the whole suspense would annoy the hell out of me. Every episode is 42 minutes long and with ten episodes the story moves at a brisk pace.

I enjoyed it. It was a fun 420 minutes with reasonably funny dialogue, a whole lot of story progression and decent special effects for a low budget show.

The high points:

Pree the warlord or, dictator with style. Thom Allison clearly gets to have a huge amount of fun with Pree. And yes, he does always look stylish. I hope this whole stylish dictator backstory becomes important later on.

Pawter’s expert manipulation of Jelco and then subsequent getting herself out of being drafted by “hill folk.” (Who were led by a large woman of color. Nice.) Yay for a smart woman using her intelligence and wits. Pawter and John were also adorable together.

Lucy the android and Clara and Alice. I loved Clara (and Alice the machine gun arm) the moment we saw her willing to fight her way out the jail she’d been placed in. I was annoyed that she left that same episode. She looks to be a bigger player (I hope) next season. Lucy the android was also great. For just an app, Lucy kicked ass in that android body.

The Low points:

Dutch. For a main character Dutch is just not very likeable. She doesn’t really seem to struggle too much with what Khlyen made her. Sure, she doesn’t want to be controlled anymore. She’s still be controlled and we’re way beyond that ever stopping. However, she doesn’t feel conflicted about her humanity versus those that have been made level 6. In every crisis, she immediately falls back onto and relies on the teachings Khlyen taught her. She also doesn’t seem to get that everything going on in the quad that deals with the RAC and the Nine are interconnected. Instead of helping Johnny and Pawter, she cuts them loose and then shit happens. So, the background of the story and the setting of the show and the fun things that go on around Dutch are so much more interesting than Dutch herself. (Yes, I have problems with Dutch.)

Not enough Alvis. There wasn’t enough Alvis this season. Period.

D’avin becoming a green goo wizard. Honestly, I don’t get this one. I don’t want to get this one. D’avin is becoming that super special child up there with Dutch and it annoys me.

And um, green goo, that’s what we’re fighting. Sentient green goo that has invaded human bodies. (Well, not invaded been put into human bodies but, yeah.) Right then.

So next season we’ve got three things to figure out. The Nine and any political stuff that crops up with them. Because it will be cropping up if Dutch is trying to start a war. How is Dutch doing this? I don’t know. Will it involve Fancy and the other former level six killjoys? I hope so. It’d be nice to see Sabine again. (Though D’Avin has to get better taste in women.) The Factory, will Clara and John find it? Will they be happy if they do? What does it have to do with the rest of the plot anyways? Oh random fourth thing, Jelco is still out there.

Okay, so the rest of this is spoilers. I’ll place it under a handy cut.

And I’m sure some of you are going to go, geez Ginny, can’t you just watch something without over analyzing it to death.

Not when it pisses me off.

Here is the thing, Killjoys was conceived by a woman. So, a woman is setting out the overall plot and story arcs throughout the series. When I see producer names pop up on the screen (Not Bell Media), they’re women. So, women are funding this show. Let’s face it, Dutch is really the main character because this entire fracas revolves around her horrible past (and I’m tired of that by the way.) So, the main character is a woman. There are five male main characters and three female main characters. So, out of the three character deaths this season, why are two of the three of them women. And why did the male get a heroic death, versus the other two women dying for rather dumb reasons. (One kills the other out of politics and then is killed for revenge.) So, out of the three main characters that were females, we are down to one.

So, we’ve killed off one female villain to replace her with another female villain. And we’ve killed off a female character who was actually doing something important even while being treated as a love interest to once again replace her with well, hard to say yet. The message I get out of this is that women are disposable.

It’s bad enough that female characters in scifi/supernatural/fantasy shows often have the lifespans of mayflies on large network shows. To have it done on a low budget niche show that was created by a woman and produced by the company that does Orphan Black is an insult. Especially to do it to the relatively low numbered female characters that had two seasons worth of development and possibly followings among the fans. Is it some sort of internal hatred? Because the characters killed off were a lot more interesting than Dutch.

I honestly don’t get it. It pisses me off. I’ll probably give next season a go but if the cons start outweighing the pros and more of my favorite female characters get killed for the glory of ‘man pain.’ (You can’t tell me that at least one of these girls weren’t killed just to cause Johnny pain.) I will stop watching. Killjoys is killing the joy.


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