The Lone Prospect Excerpt 8

Savannah stopped on the edge of a playroom. Three of the four walls were painted with brightly colored simplified trees and flowers. One of the walls had been given over to a chalkboard. The floor was covered in a resilient rubber like material instead of hard wood or carpet. The low tables had been pushed against the wall, and blocks and other toys had been pushed to the edge of the room. In the center was what appeared to be a large mass of children pushing and wiggling and wrestling on top of something.

The something made a deep bellow again and sat up, grabbing one of the boys around the middle. “I got you!” The large bald man with dusky skin of no easily identifiable ethnicity spun about making hover plane noises, the boy giggling hysterically.

Savannah started to laugh.

Eberron stopped and turned to face her, children clinging to his legs and one little girl with her arms about his neck.

Savannah grinned and tried to get her giggles under control. “We have a job and there’s a transport that needs fixing.”

“I’m not a mechanic,” Eberron said. His voice was deep and sounded like someone had raked it over gravel. At least, he wasn’t a transport mechanic and disliked being dragged into fixing it because he was intelligent and knew autos.

Savannah, with much twitching of her face muscles, tried to straighten her face and look sober. It was difficult.

The little girl patted the top of Eberron’s head. He had to reach up, grab her arm around his neck, and readjust her position so she wouldn’t strangle him.

Savannah struggled to ignore it. “Then you can be my parts monkey and tool jack,” she said.

“That’s what the hydraulics are for,” Eberron pointed out.

“There are doctors in distress here!”

Eberron looked at the little girl. The little girl pouted. Eberron winked at her and looked back at Savannah. “Are they hot?”

Savannah cocked her hips. “I don’t know.” She paused. Savannah adjusted her shoulders and took on a sultry pose. She worked her sweet voice to as closest approximation to a purr as she could get. “But Skyler and I are.”

To his credit, Eberron didn’t laugh. He looked Savannah in the eyes solemnly. He was a big man, six foot and his muscles strained against his t-shirt as if he spent a lot of time weight lifting. He held the little girl and little boy without any effort.

She stared back at him, not intimidated in the least.

He tried a last ditch effort. “It’s almost snack time.”

(Yeah, that will work Eb.)

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