Ways to Pump Yourself up for Querying

Let’s be real. Querying is a long, frustrating and disheartening process. Sometimes it takes a bit of extra go to actually get the courage and energy to email those query letters. Here are some ideas to keep your spirits high.

Write an Awesome Blog Post.

Writing a blog post can make you feel accomplished and relevant, especially if you get a like or a response to what you have to say. Writing a blog post is an easy way to put yourself out there and get a positive response. The more you put yourself out there, the idea of any response at all becomes less scary. And a blog is something that you completely control, so if you don’t like the responses, you at least have a choice on what to do with them!

Do Something You’re Good At.

You may not think you’re good at writing a query letter or any type of business letter. Maybe you think you’re bad at summaries and synopsis. Or you can’t figure out how your bio makes you qualified to write a novel. (There are no qualifications for writing a novel.) So, go and do something you know you’re good at. This will get the positive energy pumping, hopefully enough to press send on all those emails that are being compiled.

Talk to Your Personal Cheerleader.

A personal cheerleader is the type of person who supports you no matter what. They are the ones who say “you can do this and when you do it, I want X.” For writers, this means they want the book, but you know. Having people believe in you during the process and will be cheering just as loud as you are when you succeed is a very powerful thing.

Dance. Exercise. Sing your personal anthem!

Get your body moving! Get your endorphins pumped up! You can do anything.

Promise yourself a reward.

Send your queries, eat ice cream or pizza or sushi! Whatever makes your taste buds happy and is a treat.

So the best piece of advice I’ve found recently is from Liz Ryan, a columnist at Forbes and a proponent of the human workplace:

Only those that get you, deserve you.

So keep working until you find that someone who gets you!


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