The Lone Prospect Excerpt 9

Eberron finished setting the tables back, as Poppy came into the room with a tray full of snacks. Eberron rushed over to grab it from her. Savannah swung the girl down and went around the table.

“Duck, duck…” she said and patted them on the head.

The children giggled and sat down, vying for seats before Savannah got to them.

She came to Eberron, bounced up and smacked him on top of the head. “Goose!”

Eberron looked mournful. “I can’t chase you.”

Savannah grinned at him. “I know.”

Poppy came in with another tray and Savannah took it from her.

“But you’ve been warned,” Eberron said.

“Oh, I have now.” Savannah continued to grin and started to pass out snacks.

“Be ready.”

Savannah narrowed her eyes and looked at him out of the corners of them. If he was chasing her, she got to choose where they went. Sometimes, boys were easy to get to do what she wanted. She found Poppy, met her eyes, and winked.

Poppy winked back.


After snack time, Poppy handed Savannah a couple paper bags. “For the others,” she said.

Savannah opened it and wrinkled her nose. “If they knew they were getting snacks, I would have had more volunteers.”

Poppy giggled.

Savannah turned around and glanced at Eberron. She needed a head start. She knew him well enough to know as soon as he was done with the pups, he’d be after her as promised. “Whelp,” she said. “Time to go.” She dashed for the door and shoved it open, bell jangling.

Eberron’s head came up and he set down the child he was hugging. “She’s taking off!” he said. “Sneaky brat!” he shouted after her.

“Go! Go!” the children yelled.

Eberron took after Savannah at a run. “I’m going to catch you!” he shouted after her.

“Then what?” Savannah shouted over her shoulder and dodged across the gravel. She laughed at him.

Eberron blinked. He hadn’t gotten that far in this hypothetical game of duck, duck, goose. He decided to make it up as he went along and pounded after her.

Neither of them noticed the old, somewhat beat up auto that pulled into the compound.

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