The Lone Prospect Excerpt 12

Gideon was flying by the seat of his pants here. Maybe he should have thought about it more instead of getting angry at the duck and coming straight over as soon as he had his courage up.

“I thought I had a career in the military. Then an unexpected encounter with an IED ended it. After I healed up and they decided to let me go permanently, I traveled. Met your people in Texas, and while they said they weren’t looking for anyone to add to their pack at the moment, they thought that I should come and talk with you.” He took a deep breath and his heart raced. He was nervous and he knew there was no way of hiding it. “That maybe you would be willing to consider me joining your pack here.”

Brand tensed at the mention of the military. He narrowed his eyes and reassessed the boy in front of him. Brand probably would have given Gideon a chance no matter what, the puppy had been well behaved, but military training meant he might make it through the prospect period and save Brand a lot of time in having to train Gideon himself.

“Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?” he asked, alluding to the fact that the Club and the pack were one in the same. He wasn’t sure if Gideon knew that.

A slow grin spread across Gideon’s face. “I guess I’ll learn.”

Brand grinned back. That was good. He hoped it meant that Gideon would keep an open mind for new experiences. There were probably going to be a lot of them for the boy. He stood up. “Come with me,” he said. He’d had time to think about what to do with the boy if he ever found his courage and showed up at the door.

Gideon stood too. “All right,” he said, unsure of whether or not this was a good or not. Other than his smiles, Brand wasn’t giving him much to go off of and Gideon just didn’t know Brand well enough to say one way or the other.

He followed him out and eyed the embroidery work on the back of Brand’s vest. It was the insane crescent moon again, like the one screwed to the side of the building. And over top of it was the Heaven’s Heathens logo again. There was a smaller MC patch, which Gideon assumed meant motorcycle club, and then a matching patch to the logo on the bottom, except this one read Colorado. It made him a little uneasy. Did this pack claim all of Colorado as their territory? Or was this something to do with the club or both?

Brand nodded at the guy in the bar on the couch. They passed him and went out a different door. The guy watched them, then got up and dashed out the door Gideon had first come in.

Brand led him across the grounds to the third building, the one without a sign. If the boy really were military, it wouldn’t hurt to put him to the test. If Gideon hadn’t been military, Brand would be giving him a much less strenuous test than he was about to. Brand’s grin didn’t fade. If Gideon were lying, then this would quickly show them what he was made of and if Gideon wasn’t, it wouldn’t hurt the pup at all.

(Oh this can’t be good… Brand what is your sense of humor up to.)

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