Lone Prospect Excerpt Round Up

Thank you everyone who have read and liked the Lone Prospect excerpts. I’ve come to the end of the excerpts I’m comfortable posting from the book. I am very amused that the excerpt of Eberron in the daycare with the children appears to be the most popular. (Excerpt 8)

You can read the first three chapters in their entirety here. Chapter One, Chapter Two & Chapter Three.

If you’d like to revisit your favorite excerpts from the chapters (For a small bite of fun):

Excerpt One. Excerpt Two, Excerpt Three, Excerpt Four, Excerpt Five, Excerpt Six, Excerpt Seven, Excerpt Eight, Excerpt Nine, Excerpt Ten, Excerpt Eleven, Excerpt Twelve, Excerpt Thirteen, Excerpt Fourteen

Or, you can read the entire book by buying it at Amazon.

I need to move onto more lovable werewolf stuff.


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  1. Werewolf Wednesday | Ginny O.
  2. Werewolf Wednesday 2 | Ginny O.
  3. #werewolfwednesday 3 | Ginny O.
  4. #werewolfwednesday 4 | Ginny O.
  5. #werewolfwednesday 5 | Ginny O.
  6. #WerewolfWednesday 6 | Ginny O.
  7. #WerewolfWednesday 7 | Ginny O.

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