Heathen’s Moodboard

Trash Polka HH Moodboard

I forgot I had this, strangely remembered a week or so ago and decided to finish it up. This is a mood board I was doing probably for a fashion design mini project. This is slightly different than my usual mood boards. The style is called “Trash polka tattoo” or “photoshop tattoo.” It’s a newer style of tattoo artistry that uses photo-realism versus simple graphical elements with lettering and often “Grunge” splash ink. Often they are of limited color palettes. Such as black, white (flesh) and a bright color to stand out such as red or a teal.

Here I used a photo of a wolf, a lichen glaze, a crystalline glaze and moon flowers with a motorcycle, wolf prints and an antique crossroad sign. Once again you can see the crazy crescent moon that is the symbol for the Heaven’s Heathens MC. The letter H is the eighth letter in the alphabet thus 88. And Heaven Has Mercy is both the name of the Security company and half the of one of their mottoes, “Heaven Has Mercy, Heathen’s Don’t.” The crossroad sign reads “Fear No Evil,” this is a saying on a patch that the members can earn when they defend the club. It also reads Jasper, which is the fictional hometown in the Black Hills where the Heathen’s make their home.

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