Status Update:

I live on the east coast of Florida and Hurricane Matthew blew through here well… like hurricanes do. This was actually my first hurricane. So, my nervous energy level was pretty high and I spent more time prepping than I probably had to. All in all, it wasn’t nearly as bad as they were making it out to be. The direct beach front of my city got hit pretty hard. However, where I live a few blocks back, it was pretty much just a lot of wind and some rain. Actually, since most of the neighbors left, I enjoyed the weather induced peace and quiet. I wasn’t precisely feeling well to begin with. We never lost power. And the cable didn’t go out until towards the very end. Overall, I think we got pretty lucky and hopefully this won’t happen again for another ten years or so. So, please have patience with me as I try to get my social media using back on track. Thank you!


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