The Mummy Addendum

I find it interesting that they attributed the Biblical plagues of Egypt to the Mummy. I know that the ten plagues are something, at least in the Western Christendom, are closely associated with Egypt. But at the same time, having The Mummy being able to use them, basically a cursed being no way associated with God (to which these were supernatural miracles of divine nature/punishment) seems a bit weird. I’m not going to say heretical or blasphemous because I’m sure others would. It just seems a bit jarring coming from a Christian perspective.

They also left out four. Two dealt with death and were actually very specific to the Exodus story. One is the death of Egyptian cattle while the Israeli cattle were untouched. The second was the death of the first born sons, perhaps the most devastating plague of all. And the other two were lice and frogs. Frogs were mentioned in the script and then not used. Maybe for time reasons? Lice might have been too close to flies. (Itches compulsively.)

So, here we are in the film, quoting the Bible in relation to a Mummy who served Seti the First and said “the language of the slaves” meaning the Israelites were still enslaved so he was killed before the Biblical plagues ever took place. How would this undead mummy know what they are? This makes no sense. I’m applying too much logic. Because really, this is mind boggling and only works in some Hollywood universe. Does this detract from the story? Only if you’re some biblical historian who is as confused as I am. I still enjoy the story, but I do sit there and go “What the hell?” from time to time.

Should I have taken a bite out of the cookie for this? Probably. Does anyone else really care? Probably not. Are there more egregious things to be riled up over in this movie? Probably. I just want to sit here and point it out. (I just find it interesting that culture has taken the ten plagues of Egypt from the Bible and tried to divorce them from the biblical narrative entirely.)


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