werewolves and emotional labor

Stayed up late to read about emotional labor over on Metafilter.

I didn’t even get a quarter of a way through the discussion. And what I did read put into words what I’m trying to convey in my books. Most werewolf books focus on how unhealthy werewolf packs/society can be due to being based on bad wolf science translating into abusive controlling behavior and bad alpha dominated romances.

I’m taking the opposite tactic and trying to focus on how healthy werewolf packs/society can be using good wolf science.

Bad wolf science = wolves not related to each other studied in zoos
Good wolf science = wolves related to each other studied in the wild

It all comes down to a wolf’s social nature and how they use mutual emotional labor. There is equal hunting and equal pup rearing and so on. This is necessary for a wolf pack’s survival and dispersal is expected for both sexes.

Thankfully, I think I was succeeding in showing this without the words to articulate what I was trying to do. Now I have some words, both powerful but inadequate tools in the mind of a writer. It’s still hard to wrap my head around this concept of emotional labor because of social norms, the patriarchy and I keep double guessing myself. Good thing I’ve only put out one book so far.

The Lone Prospect, a werewolf biker adventure based on good wolf science, find it at Amazon


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