Apparently my current issue is that I’ve recently finished two short stories, I don’t know what to do next.
All the marketing advice I’m finding is “publish more.” Basically, build a back log and get your name out there more often, This is the exact same advice I would give in fandom to writers who wanted more readers and reviews. Go figure.
The DIFFERENCE being that in fandom you can publish as often as you like and no one is going to care. Posting every day or week is fine! Seeing a “professional” do this, I’d be a bit worried over the quality of the work. There is probably some etiquette involved I don’t know.
So I guess I should make a list. Two started novels, two more short stories, werewolf Wednesday art and the blog (which is never ending.) And honestly, I have no idea what ranks as most important.
Becca suggested a dart board. I don’t HAVE ONE of THOSE.
So I’ll just post this on every bit of social media I have for reasons.

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