#Teasertuesday: Wolf From The North Country



Seraphina opened her bag and started throwing clothes behind her into the air. A quick glance ended up with them all tossed over her head. She sat on the bed hugging herself. Green eyes stared mournfully at the wardrobe that two days ago, seemed more than adequate. If this had been any other pack, she wouldn’t have any problems.

But what did one wear to interview into a motorcycle club?

WOLF FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY: A Short Tale of the Heaven’s Heathens.

An actual teaser! Wolf From The North Country is a short story (at least, short for me, novelette maybe, around 15,000 words) about Savannah’s parents, Archer and Seraphina, how they met and how Seraphina ended up in Jasper and why. This short story will come out the same time as  a novella called Pride & Joy and eventually part of an anthology called Archer’s Angels. (His angels obviously being Seraphina and Savannah.)

Archer and Seraphina are an important part of the recent Jasper pack history, but not expressly for the reasons you’d expect. They greatly influence Savannah, one of the main characters of The Lone Prospect, to be who she is and once again, only part of that is because they’re her parents.

Anyways, I’m really excited to be sharing these two stories. Keep your eyes tuned here for more teasers, previews of the cover of Archer’s Angels and you know, an actual publication date.


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