#WerewolfWednesday 6


Werewolf Fashion Model: “Mummy models are the worst competition. Bone thin and they don’t have to diet!”

Design: Inspired by #projectrunway cocktail challenge season 15

Biker Fashion Ideas for the Lone Prospect

Werewolves. Floating Motorcycles. Explosions: The Lone Prospect

Have a quick bite with a few excerpts.
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Newsie Bit: Wow, that’s one page of the werewolf fashion models cleaned and colored! Woot! I like to design while watching Project Runway. They say “Design a dress” and by the end of the show I’ve probably designed 3 (at least). Sometimes I take the challenges/briefs a bit too seriously. I have fun!

Pose from Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators. Colors by Copic. (Because Gimp has a horrible way of doing color palettes and honestly, using Copic’s color palette set is that much easier.) Fabric swatches and such found at Mood Fabrics (.com).


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