#Fridayreads The Lone Prospect

Need some weekend reading? Doing some holiday shopping? Avoiding holiday shopping? Need a break from holiday shopping?


‘Pande-fucking-monium. Gideon jumped over the chaos. Rockets built into his armor kept him above it all. Ahead of Gideon, an enemy soldier pulled a truck into the middle of his flight path.

He swore and tried to brake. The ground came up too fast. His brakes cut out and he careened out of control. Gideon fell, hitting the ground, the air knocked out of him and an ache in his chest.

He rolled and stared up at the clear blue sky and tried to breathe again. He managed to inhale.

“I didn’t ask enough questions.”‘

The Lone Prospect: A Biker Werewolf Adventure

My favorite werewolf guru on Tumblr (the author of the Ideal Werewolf Novel post) finally got around to reading my book. (Hey, life happens.) And has said: “…the puppies were really cute!” That made my Friday morning! So, cute werewolf puppies!

And I do not know for the life of me, how pande-fucking-monium got spelled wrong in that image. Anyways, yes, this book contains swearing. It’s there in the very first word of the novel. This novel is about bikers and werewolves and them being mercenaries doing private security. There should be no qualms or quibbles about what type of book you’re getting into. (Sort of like the book Savages.) This novel is rated R. (I came up with that line while doing the dishes. One of the better places to come up with ideas, others are the shower and thinking before falling asleep.)

Have a great weekend! (I’ve finished my holiday shopping.)


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