#TeaserTuesday: Pride & Joy



“I do like the trees. This has nothing to do with the trees.”

“This?” Seraphina looked lost. Her jaw clenched. “This! I have no idea what ‘this’ is. I want to plant a tree and think the club could help and you act like I’ve done something wrong. It’s a little bitty tree!”

“Wrong?” Archer stood up. “You challenged my father, the head of our club, in front of half our membership and you want me to support you. Do you want to be president?”


PRIDE & JOY: A Short Story of the Heaven’s Heathens. Coming Soon. And by coming soon, I mean probably within the next week. My editor (Becca) has graciously offered me a list of the top 5 things I need to be able to catch in my own writing due to my style. (For amusement, I might publish it here on wordpress.) So, next week? I hope!

A little more about PRIDE & JOY, another tale in the anthology of Archer’s Angels.  Seraphina only wants to plant a tree in honor of Steele, the founder of the pack. She cannot see for the life of her what is so wrong with that and why Archer and his father, Steele’s descendants, don’t want to go along with it. (Above may give you a bit of a clue as to why, because Seraphina is… Seraphina.) So, her and Archer are fighting. But is the argument really about planting a tree, or a front for something deeper? This isn’t something normal couples fight about, but being a werewolf is never about being normal.

WOLF FROM THE THE NORTH COUNTRY and PRIDE & JOY, short stories of the Heaven’s Heathens…. coming next week, I hope!


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