#WerewolfWednesday 7

girl4Werewolf Fashion Model: “I walk on my toes naturally, so my shoes don’t need heels.”

Design: From the Lone Prospect: “Savannah was wearing a sparkly top and maroon leather pants.”

Biker Fashion Ideas for the Lone Prospect

Werewolves. Floating Motorcycles. Explosions: The Lone Prospect

Have a quick bite with a few excerpts.
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Newsie Bit: I don’t like excessively describing the clothes my characters wear in the books I write. Because, honestly, no one gives a shit. (That and Gideon pays absolutely no attention to that type of thing.) I’m a fashion designer by schooling though and I still think about it. So, when I say “Savannah was wearing a sparkly top and maroon leather pants.” Most people probably think, oh she was wearing some sort of sequin t-shirt and plain leather pants.

When I mean, she’s wearing a fish scale silver sequin halter style tank top with a cut out over her breasts laced with leather, and maroon leather pants with lacing down the sides through grommets and draped chains. But see, see how many words that takes to say! And you could have hundreds of words in your book dedicated  to outfits that no one cares about because they want to get to the action (the meat) of the story!

I sit on my hands when I type and then draw them later and often come up with three or more variations and just say “Oh for fuck’s sake, Ginny. STOP.” So, in the book, Savannah is wearing a sparkly silver top with maroon leather pants, under her kutte and with her motorcycle boots. But now, if you read this blog, you know that’s not what I mean.

I am also really happy with the coloring on the head on this one for some reason.

Pose from Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators. Colors by Copic and Pantone. (Red Bud is the official Pantone color of the Heaven’s Heathens.)  Fabric swatches and such found at Mood Fabrics (.com).


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