Archer’s Angels Cover Art


Today I am working on some editing and thought I would give a preview of the ebook cover art for Archer’s Angels.

For practical/financial reasons, yes, I do my own cover art. I’ve chosen to do a simplified tattoo style. One, because I know I can pull it off. Two, I write about bikers and ink is a very important part of biker lifestyle. And three, I have very definite opinions on the type of book cover I would have if I had it done on commission and I guess those types of covers aren’t popular anymore? (I love old style Star Wars Expanded Universe covers, think The Mandalorian Armor or The Paradise Snare. Or in not Star Wars Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs isn’t bad. And I suppose if I had regular motorcycles I could go for something like Rachel Caine’s Outcast Season books a la Unbroken.) Maybe someday I’ll have super fancy painted covers with awesome floating motorcycles and wolves and studly men and strong women. (Has dreams.)

And someday a wolf will work into the tattoo prominently. I swear. But this is about Archer and Seraphina and what represents them. (And Savannah had her say, she wanted to be represented on this cover too.) Seraphina is the dove, Archer is the arrow and Savannah is the flowers. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

So, once again, coming soon hopefully next week, WOLF FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY and PRIDE & JOY. Short Tales of the Heaven’s Heathens.


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