#FridayReads: a werewolf biker adventure


The Heaven’s Heathens MC is Gideon Vonrothe’s last hope for a life that feels familiar or else he’s resigned to go back to the family farm. He doesn’t know anything about the Heathens, or motorcycle clubs. He doesn’t even own a motorcycle. An outsider, ex-military and unsuspecting sucker, Gideon is the latest victim of the Club’s brotherhood appeal.

Soon the bets are flying on if Gideon has what it takes and how long this lone  prospect is going to last.

The Lone Prospect: A Biker Werewolf Adventure

From the synopsis part 2!

I do love Gideon as a character, he’s so much fun to give a hard time. (And Savannah loves to give him a hard time.) If you want some light weekend reading with explosions and humor and cute werewolf puppies, the Lone Prospect may be the book for you! Or, if you know someone who enjoyed Sons of Anarchy or the Expendables and likes werewolves, a holiday reading gift!

Have a great weekend!


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