#FridayReads Adventures with Werewolves


In the middle of the hangar, hanging from cables and jacked up with hydraulics, was a standard all terrain hover transport. A type that Gideon was all too familiar with from his Special Forces career. They were clunky, clumsy, a pin in the ass to maintain, and cost a fortune in upkeep. The tail of this one had a huge painting of a modified Heaven’s Heathens logo.

Gideon couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept. What was a motorcycle club doing with what was essentially military grade equipment?

In the mood for some light holiday reading?

The Lone Prospect: A Werewolf Biker Adventure

The all terrain hover transport does actually (if you read the extended description in the book) look like a modified Space Shuttle. This was part of my world building. What would things be like in the future if we were forced to rebuild our lives out of the trash of the old? It was just one of those thoughts. (Transports that look like scaled down space shuttles and are space capable because the first ones were originally space shuttles and no one has bothered to come up with a better design. Whole computers that are the size of bluetooths because they were originally built in old bluetooth cases. That sort of thing. It was fun.)

But yes, what is a motorcycle club doing with military grade equipment? Hmmm? Read and find out. The Lone Prospect on Kindle.


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