#TeaserTuesday Short Story Reminder


Seraphina opened her bag and started throwing clothes behind her into the air. A quick glance ended up with them all tossed over her head. She sat on the bed hugging herself. Green eyes stared mournfully at the wardrobe that two days ago, seemed more than adequate. If this had been any other pack, she wouldn’t have any problems.

But what did one wear to interview into a motorcycle club?

Just a quick reminder, short stories are now Available! WOLF FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY and PRIDE & JOY, two short tales of the Heaven’s Heathens.

In Wolf from the North Country:

Seraphina Moore has fled her home pack–gone south to join the pack of her boyfriend, Archer Barker. Determined to join the pack on her own merits, she isn’t about to bring the association up. Especially not to the pack leader, Brand Barker, who happens to be Archer’s father. And Brand? Brand sees trouble behind Seraphina’s big green eyes and sweet face. He’s determined not to let her join.

Oh, and there’s one thing Archer forgot to mention–the Jasper werewolf pack is also a motorcycle club: the Heaven’s Heathens.

15,000 words or 50 pages for sale at $.99

And in Pride & Joy:

It doesn’t take long for Seraphina Moore to get in trouble in her new pack.

Brand Barker knew that Seraphina was trouble the moment she stepped into his office and asked to join his pack. But his son, Archer, loved her and Brand had no choice but to let Seraphina join. Now, she’s challenged his authority in the pack over something so insignificant that he wants nothing to do with it. Seraphina isn’t about to give up. She’ll have her way, even though she doesn’t know why what she did was so wrong.

But she’s afraid she might lose Archer in the process.

40,000 words or 128 pages for sale at $1.99

I am really, really happy with these two shorts, and am doubly happy that I can share them with all of you. Okay, yes, Pride & Joy is a novella or novelette and for me it is still SHORT. (Look, my shortest book is like 115,000 words. 40,000 is short!)


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