#WerewolfWednesday 9

girl6Werewolf Fashion Model: “The photographers keep telling me my hands look like claws. Duh. They are claws!”

Design: Outfit Inspired by “Savannah was wearing leather pants and a sparkly top.”

Biker Outfit Ideas for the world of the Heaven’s Heathens

The Lone Prospect: Heaven’s Heathens Novel
Wolf from the North Country: Heaven’s Heathens Short Story
Pride & Joy: Heaven’s Heathens Novella

Newsie Bit: Like I said. I don’t like describing clothes in my work. But this leaves me with an overactive imagination and a love of Project Runway. So, two of three designs of what Savannah’s outfit could be. (Third design will be werewolf Wednesday 11 I guess.)

I tried to make her hands look like claws. They may be more like fuzzy gloves. Oh well.

As for the “hands look like claws.” This is actually a common critic in drawing classes. In artists defense, hands are difficult to draw. Especially when you’re doing a something that’s really about nine to ten inches tall. “You hands look like mittens!” And it’s like “Seriously, why are you looking at the hands, the clothes, dude, the clothes!” Then later you find out that comic artists etc do ONE cell of their comics on 14×17 paper and you go “Oh, well, that makes sense, no wonder they have better hand drawings.”


Pose from Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators. Colors by Copic and Pantone. (Red Bud is the official Pantone color of the Heaven’s Heathens.) Fabric swatches and such found at Mood Fabrics (.com).


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