#FridayReads, Some werewolves have boundary issues


Gideon opened his refrigerator in his place and stared inside it. He didn’t mind the cool air hitting his bare skin or the water droplets that still clung to it from his recent shower. The lock on his door clicked. What the hell? Gideon’s eyes narrowed and he turned to face the opening door.

Savannah pushed the door open and closed it behind her. She smiled at him. “Good morning, Prospect,” she said.

It was about this point that Gideon remembered that the one thing between him and Savannah was his kitchen counter and he was stark naked.

The Lone Prospect: A Werewolf Biker Adventure

It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Or the weekend of Christmas! So, last reminder if you need a last minute gift or want some funny holiday reading.

(I’ll admit this is one of my favorite parts of the book. Some werewolves have boundary issues and Savannah was one of them, just as Gideon was getting territorial about HIS SPACE.)

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!


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