Concept Cover Art 4 Dawn Warrior

The Dawn Warrior is the next book I plan I releasing. Warrior Princess trying to outwith her curse with a teenage snarky dragon sidekick help a Beauty free her Beast to keep a baby from becoming a Rapunzel. Oh, and yes, there are werewolves. (Because there should always be werewolves. Okay, okay, I do have other ideas that involve… half demons… selkies… and ALIENS. But, I do love werewolves and those ideas got written FIRST.) Did I mention that this is a cracked up, screwed over fairy tale? (Well, I thought it might be obvious.)

After a very non intensive but still frustrating search of stock photography for something. I gave up and drew myself 4 different designs I might use for the cover. And of course, I like the first one the best.

Concepts 1 & 2
Concepts 3 & 4
Concepts 3 & 4

Wait… what is this, a Princess in practical armor… and my dragons have mohawks or at least the MALE dragons have mohawks. Of course, I can’t draw the same face four times because I need practice obviously.


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