Friday Reads


Savannah sighed. “I will see you tomorrow, Prospect,” she said softly. She leaned in and brushed a kiss across his lips, gentle, lingering and Gideon didn’t dare more. “Sleep sweet,” she said, turned and walked away.

Gideon stared after her again, his mind totally and completely blank. He licked his lips and they tasted sweet, like berries.

Gideon turned to Eberron. “I need a drink.”

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

It’s Friday the 13th and what better time to advertise my novel here in my blog posts for the last time! (As, this is the last excerpt shareable I have.)

The Lone Prospect, available for Kindle on Amazon!

Rebels with a cause, the members of the Heaven’s Heathens motorcycle club regularly risk life and limb to rescue those in need, all to protect their greatest secret, that they’re all werewolves. Now a new member has petitioned to join the pack…

The Heaven’s Heathens are supposed to be a big bad motorcycle club, a brethren of tough as nails hard asses. Formed out of necessity after the Cascading War, the Heaven’s Heathens have the reputation of being the toughest sons of bitches in Colorado. Their membership filled with those that have little use for society’s rules and pay lip service to laws outside their own. Insular and hierarchical, a new member can throw off the entire group.

And they’re Gideon VonRothe’s last hope for a life that feels familiar or else he’s resigned to go back to the family farm. He doesn’t know anything about the Heathens, or motorcycle clubs. He doesn’t even own a motorcycle. An outsider, ex-military and unsuspecting sucker, Gideon is the latest victim of the Club’s brotherhood appeal.

Soon the bets are flying on if Gideon has what it takes and how long this lone prospect is going to last.

OR, if you want something shorter, two short stories set in the same universe.

Archer’s Angels: Wolf From the North Country

Archer’s Angels: Pride & Joy

Fleeing her family pack and its dark secrets, Seraphina Morris has come to Jasper to join the pack of her boyfriend Archer Barker. Determined to get into the pack on her own merits, she approaches Archer’s father, Brand Barker who rejects her out of hand. Seraphina isn’t about to give up. There is something special about the Jasper pack and she wants to know what it is. 


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