Loving What You Do

That’s the thing, you need to be confident in what you are doing. You never know what people are going to think or going to say. But if you love what you put down this runway today, then you’ve achieved 100% goal. – Kelley Osbourne, Project Runway Junior S02E04

Kelly Osbourne keeps saying lovely inspirational things on Project Runway Jr. I wish Project Runway judges were this supportive. Because yes, if you love what you are doing or “putting on the runway” then you have achieved your goal 100%. What others say is immaterial. Everybody has an opinion and you can never tell what that opinion is going to be. If you believe in what you do and have put your best into it. Then that is enough. Being hard on yourself because someone else doesn’t like it, in their opinion, accomplishes nothing. Others may not like what I do. They may not understand it. But I like it and I’m proud of it and that is what matters.



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