Colored Roxana

Colored Roxana

Roxana (c) Ginny O. 2017

My first try at a colored version of the Dawn Warrior sketch I made a while back. Colored pencil is my preferred and most comfortable medium. Meaning, I have about 5 different brands of colored pencils sitting on my artist shelf. For this drawing I ended up going through 3 of them. When you’re a kid 50 colored pencils are enough. When you’re an adult and have pretensions of being an artist, you need more, more, MORE! (The prisma set was a gift, thank god and thank you person who gave it to me.)

Sorry, this photograph is not that great. But, I’m on the fence about this rendition and thought I’d share anyways.

Maybe I’ll like it better tomorrow.

Anyways, Roxana is a very practical warrior princess. She probably wears a mix of bronze and steel armor to be honest. Whatever she can get her hands on. Her magic sword isn’t that pretty because she doesn’t want people to steal it! You can see her natural hair color in her eyebrow. And apparently, her favorite color is green. Go figure.


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