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I’ve added a CONTENTS page!

This blog is coming up on it’s two year anniversary. (Waves tiny flag of happiness.) And I’ve really lost track of what I’ve talked about and what I haven’t! I mean, there’s over 200 entries between the blog posts, movie reviews, star stable diary posts and other very random things that come out of my head. A contents page was definitely in order if not for my sanity but all of my readers who aren’t aware of what I blog about and don’t want to scroll, scroll, scroll…

The contents page has all my big entry posts (barring the diary and the movie reviews) separated into categories. The categories are, -drumroll-

Heaven’s Heathens

Dawn Warrior




and… Gaming!

All tiny posts such as excerpts, book advertising, werewolf Wednesday, videos, quotes, news updates and things that really should have been posted to twitter, aren’t included.  New posts will be linked as written but not marked as new.

I hope this makes it easier for everyone and I do mean everyone as I head into my 3rd year of blogging!


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